Soulfuly Sensual

Being sensual is not inherently sinful

An enticing supreme package

                                                                                                                                                                                       Please call for rates, ʎɹɐʌ ʎɐɯ ʇɐɥʇ, in the region of R150 to R360, excluding taxi fare, depending on your preferences and are negotiable with due consideration for your budget. 

This is as treatment is nothing short of excellent.

If you want me to attend to you in your suite, call me on 0794037351. However, call-out rates apply. Variation and alternation between traditional Swedish effleurage and petrissage, as well as deep tissue to stimulating techniques will not only entice you, but incite your pleasure. Rather than just settling for any average massage, you should rather contact me and be entitled to the maximum pampering perfection you deserve.



An incredibly tender sensual massage will be performed while your needs are supported. Initially you may feel a little nervous, but you will be attended to and soon overcome this, as you experience how relaxed you feel, demonstrating these feelings by slipping into a state of deep relaxation, with me touching you in a sensuous manner to create an ambiance which is conducive to seduction. Optional coconut massage oil or ayurvedic lotion with sunflower and pumpkin seed oil, will be applied to moisturise your skin, initially providing attention to stroking from your head down to decollatage and trapezius, then rubbing over biceps and triceps, to your finger tips, lingering over your sternum, down your spine to your pelvis, gluteus, thighs, calves and achiles heels, right down to tantalizing your toes.


There is no need to rush things, as I slowly explore your body, delaying culmination in the ultimate treat, that leads to you being totally relaxed, through different sensuous massage techniques. I am very sensual and would love to indulge your every whim and fantasy. What better way than to spend your time having a blissful massage experience? You deserve the highest quality and least monotony, at maximum affordability. Rest assured, your experience will be, beyond your wildest dreams.


I'm ready to please you, in every possible way. Your pleasure is my number one priority. Needless to say, your sensual experience will be completely enjoyable. Whatever you've wanted in lieu of achieving self-improving benefits from a massage, you will certainly get. Get in touch with me, at your earliest convenience, for the time of your life. You will love me for it.

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