Soulfuly Sensual

Being sensual is not inherently sinful

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StresseD StresseD
StresseD StresseD
I'm pleased to massage you!


The massage seduction
Mary-Anne has a degree of, but not in, enthusiasm for massaging & sensuality, respectively.

Be delighted by the decadent art of massage
The penultimate mutual sensual massage pass
Be adventurous and have an exotic massage.
It's sultry, but has class.

Nothing like having languishing hot oil massage elations!
Are you longing for the tantalising and arousing touch
of a sensuous female? Lie back and soak up the sensations
as you are pampered with very sensual massage such

that is designed to relax and invigorate.
Relax and be aroused by the ultimate loving tussles,
the best caress and skin surface penetrate
with oils to work in on your muscles,

whether your preference be for oils, candles trying
or music, you can dictate the mood setting so
you are sure to find joy in relaxing
sensual massage that will improve your libido

with my ability to take you to such
ultimate sensual satisfaction.
Learn the sensual secrets of loving touch.
To you alone Mary-Anne will demonstrate

the gentle strokes of a sensual massage and earn
relaxation and excitement culminating
in the ultimate sensual massage experience in turn,
as you experience new depths of relaxing

sensual pleasure with initial soft induction
including massage and mutual stimulation.
Sensual massage demonstrates the gratification,
the flow and the Tantric meditation

of massage. Your relaxation can include massagin'
the back, the feet, neck, face and more,
massaging the posterior and anterior region
to display intricate sensual tantric score

with sensual, stimulating cleanses.
The epidermal skin layers up high and low
can be pampered, stirring the senses.
Relax and indulge with a slow,

sensual massage as relaxation adorning
as an end in itself to sensual self indulgence.
Begin compassion: Start off by caring for yourself morning,
noon or evening of passionate massage, desiring diligence

in the experience of a sensual full body, coy.
Add pleasure and variety with fragrances all over
to match your mood. Warm to enjoy
sensual oil massage both as giver and receiver.

In the sensual massage you can also have the flicker
of candle light and seductive fragrance added, esoteric,
to your lovely massage that will serve better
in permeating the muscles & soft tissues to create erotic,

sultry and sensationally sensual atmosphere.
Experience pure bliss as erotic euphoria abounds,
celebrating the timeless power in touch sphere,
music and natural sounds,

massage is ideally suited to passionate momentary odyssey.
The soft caress of your musculo-sceletal legacy
is the perfect accompaniment to massage
with sensual and erotic ideas for fantasy,

a background for self-pleasuring enticement,
or for setting the mood for sensual relating,
exotically intertwined with excitement.
The perfect background for a sensual awakening,

intimate setting, sensual massage for a time
of passionate participative or private pleasure,
for THE experience of a lifetime!
Invigorate all your senses with a therapeutic leisure

naturist massage. Come and relax in enjoyment.
For an unforgettable pampering back to good health
with a special skin, face & body treatment:
Be pampered & indulged back to stealth.

Replenishing aroma therapy massage treat will raise
low libido's expectations & will include more than your back
and aromatherapy erotic treat for your praise:
lymph glands stimulated & nerve endings eased in your zodiac.

This sensual massage treat will guarantee
complete relaxation and rejuvenation.
Refresh, revitalize & relieve stress to be
pampered from head to feet for revitalization.

Experience rejuvenation with improved circulation.
Discreet massage treat will relax, refresh stimulation
and provide stress relief completion,
should I join you in elite retreat of your selection.

Be seduced by pleasurable touch-redress
& an exclusive, decadent treat from soft to hard.
You can camouflage stress with recharge caress.
Do indulge in sensual massage with no holds barred,

for your maximum enjoyment in passage to decency.
Enjoy a succulent sensual massage quiche,
culminating in your blood pressure's voluminous complacency
motivating massage for more lasviscious circulatory lavish.

Feel welcome while I work on your pressure points
at leisure with an enticingly luscious affection
in massage. You will feel improvement in your joints!
Seductive action & massage resultant satisfaction

are a natural aphrodisiac for sensual surprise.
Also, wide range of skin, muscle & bone election
treatments are beneficial as compromise.
Be pampered to perfection!

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