Soulfuly Sensual

Being sensual is not inherently sinful



Posted on November 2, 2010 at 1:20 PM


Freud’s writing can make our lives’ delicacies

in their illusionments more awakened.

The Freudian writer enables us to enjoy our fantasies

without shame or self-reproach forsakened.

That portion of the libido that is described

according to its drive aim is arousal tones.

The most prominent parts of the body enscribed

from which the libido comes are the erogenous zones.

The urge gradually develops from surge

To successive contributions from partial drives.

Human sensual life consists of the urge

to bring our own skin into contact trives

with those of someone of the opposite gender.

Perceiving and touching appear in the process

as concomitant and introductory acts, so tender.

Sensual life encompasses function regress

of obtaining pleasure from zones of the body towards

a function benefiting service of production.

The first organ that appears from birth onwards

as erogenous zone is the mouth’s elocution.

The male renounces satisfaction of the drive

and creates substitute as fetish perplexes thrive.

The primal pleasure ego wants to introduce

everything good and expel everything bad.

The ego has repressed tendencies and blocked their use

from motor discharge to satisfaction had.

But the accomplishment of repression aroses

may be easily defeated by the sensual drives’ reformations,

contributing to inhibitions in character formations,

sensual perversions and difficulties with erotic life to go.

Their symptoms arose out of the fact

that sensual drive impulses had been repressed by the ego

and had created an expression tact

along detours through subconscious hives.

One was able to cope with this

by opposing self preservation drives to sensual drives

in accordance with business of the world abyss

kept going through touching blithe.

The libido was the expression of the force of contraction,

just as hunger was the expression of the self preservation drive.

In sublimation the original sensual drive finds satisfaction

in accomplishment that is no longer sensualy determined,

but socially or ethically more highly valued.

The libido of self preservation drives was termed

the narcissistic libido and a high level of such subdued

was acknowledged as the primal and normal phase consistence.

The social drives have not abandoned directly sensual goals,

but are kept from accomplishing by internal resistance

and content themselves with coming close to satisfaction wholes

in various ways and produce firm splendidness

and lasting bonds between people in kinship,

for example relations of tenderness

which are sensual in origin and emotions of friendship

which arise from sensual affection.

The libidinous sensual drives best summarized as Eros

preserve continuation of life and guide its detection

towards higher developmental ethos.

As sensual exploration circumscribed table

by physical development cannot be brought thinking

to gratifying conclusion lament results of not being able

to accomplish anything and succeed in anything.

The bond of intimacy is distracted by disappointment done,

by vain wait for gratification,

by stressby event that require relaxation.

Massage cures ever diminishing affection,

ever increasing demands and reprimands

and occasional rejection that ultimately sways,

revealing full measure of attending to unmet demands.

There is a recurring range of ways

in which massage typically is brought to an end.

The compulsion to repeat and direct duality

and pleasurable gratification of drives mend

seem to interconnect with each other in intimate mutuality.

While the benefit of massage unleashes a quantum

of sensual excitation which in the absence of apprehensiveness

if potentially beneficial in effect stratum,

simultaneous curing injury annexes in excessive excitedness

by making use of a narcissistic hypercathexis of affected organs.

Objective massage shows polarity of stress-and-relaxation strife.

A necessary component in the sensual drive can turn jargons

into a persuasion that dominates a person’s entire sensual life.

It also occurs as a dominant partial drive toss

in organization of sensual life termed having come of age.

The sensual drive which aims its object derives from Eros,

preserver of life in ancillary of sensual function in stage

taking possession massage object of

and destroying the object conterminously;

later the sensual drive separates off

and ultimately in the phase of genial primacy ominously

serves purpose by subjugating sensual objectification

to extent necessary for fulfillment of the sensual tact.

Where the primal element does not undergo mitigation

the outcome is an erotic life in fact

marked by familiar ambivalence between good and great.

Fear in what may be a sensually excited state deception

follows the mechanisms of a fascination of late

to secure itself against a revival of the repressed perception.

Some such behavior is not recognized retraction

as having the characteristic of a declaration of love.

There is more than one kind of sensual satisfaction

such as application of spirituality, rising as a dove

than the massage for sensual recourse,

representing a situation of sensual gratification.

As such the cure is said to be of course

more respectable than the conversation.

One must be convinced of unavoidable occurrences

of touching on sensual themes nurture

or else be prepared to be convinced by experiences.

As such vehement condemnation of perverse nature

of fantasies is not appropriate supplication.

Transgressions of sensual function exterior

must be regarded without indignation.

Sensual massaging was not only tolerated by culturally superior,

but even endowed with important social functions endorses.

Suppression of application to higher bereavements,

asensual goals in sublimation is destined to supply forces

behind larger number of cultural achievements.

Such antecedents can explain attitudes towards demands

made by erotic life with either unresisting abandoned stillness

to sensuality bordering on expression or repression & reprimands

of sensuality accompanied by emotional fulness.

There is a struggle between temptation to yield to courtship

and complex resistance to temptation ride

assembled from motives of respectability and good sense trip,

ambivalent impulses resulting from massaging and massaging ego pride.

The inability to satisfy the real demands of physical audacity

indicates physical condition dominated by intuition of

the opposition between reality and fantasy.

It is not possible to avoid suspicion

that excitements attached to ideas at bay

which are not capable of becoming conscious diffidently

act upon one another in a different way,

run a different course and manifest themselves differently

from those we refer to as normal tressed.

But this does not venture into the open as the prevailing mood

of modesty and respect keeps it repressed.

There are more reasons that determine pooʇsɹǝpun

why  pǝssǝɹdǝɹ thoughts and desires should escape votive

into memories since recollection of things long past all

is in itself facilitated by some pleasurable motive

that perhaps even this one day will be pleasant to recall.

Possibly being the superego speaking ergo

with sensual consolation to the inquisitive ego.

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