Soulfuly Sensual

Being sensual is not inherently sinful


Charming adventure overture

Posted on June 13, 2010 at 2:30 AM

while I paint a picture of a massage for you.

Or with sensual massage, soft as can be

I could envisage massaging on you too.

Have you ever looked at people unmassaged

and tried to visualise them as lonely?

I'd like to see you in a towel robed

then I'd massage you to being homely.

Dreaming of exploring the unknown non-stop

leaving desolate path to watch waterfall's drop.

Could you imagine siamese twins

joined by fingertip to skin, perfectly timed?

That every finger step taken would convince

their relaxation with overall wellbeing to become entertwined.

In closeness feeling elation all day:

does the idea of a sensual massage not get you excited?

Or imagine with every word that you say

you're creating a massage with your lips: you're invited.

You may feel overwelming relaxation inherently

and can ultimately sense, but yet not see.

If you dial my number

would I answer the phone when in slumber?

If you send me a text

would fate determine what would happen next?

And if you persist

would your calls still be missed?

What may the case be

since I'll be making you

stronger, rather than week at the knee,

with your eyes closed, with your inner eyes for you to see.

Your eyes

also mesmerise.

How would Wordsworth compare

with that enchanting stare,

that relaxed smile

after a massage wherefore you would go the extra mile?

It will seem your destiny unfurled

when I came into your world.

I would have evoked some emotion

resulting in poetry in motion.

Whisper doth the moon, my massage, will it be soon?

If Mohammed can't come to the mountain

the mountain must go to Mohammed.

Your massage is as a fountain:

Vibrant with life in it.

If I'm your moon

your massage will have you feel like you're floating to me, like a balloon.

I can be your sky

Tears like rain you won't cry.

Your patience

is outweighed by common sense.

Although there may be a sigh,

What is low, ultimately, becomes high.

As your emotions submerge

your sensuality is shuddering on the verge.

I will forever be your moon

Though sometimes not visible at noon

But just wait for the night

& what was hidden will come into sight.

A MOMENT shared in the ocean of time

Unseen, unaware, yet infintitely sublime.

The most enchanting moon

arouses massage to swoon

The moon is as full

as the lust of a raging bull.

Do you feel the pull?

As the stars shine by night,

Ethereal comes into sight,

The light beckons gently,

Yet, yearning for relaxation aplenty,

Rising,without compromising

As you're fantasising

all you have to do is phone

as you're not all alone.

Passions shone,

but you are not gone.

You and me

have not defeated eternity,

there may have been sweat,

yet how quick a sensual massage will have you forget.

You're a special person & I wish you all the best,

even better when we'll meet as 1 goes east&another west,

but you, my dear, will put my massage to the test.

Make peace with your opposition.

If your heart's in pieces, forgive the imposition.

Whether you're involved or no

You do not have to answer conclusively.

Is that because you don't want me to go

& enjoy massaging, but are aroused already?

Even if you are in a relationship

Maybe, if only momentarily

You preferred my massage to equip,

how you can view the world differently.

If that's what you want,

there's no need to say goodbye,

Unless you'd prefer me to chant

I'll massage you, without a word of a lie.

I'm sending you my massage invite

accompanied by wishes for blessings contrite,

to ignite your spirit & light a candle in your heart,

so near, yet, even though, so far apart.

This feeling you can't keep bottled up any more.

So I'm sending u my massage invite, in case your heart's sore.

There's no need for denying yourself.

Don't be apprehensive, as health promotes much wealth.

That I may fall out of massaging with you.

I understand, because I anticipate the same massage too.

If someone massages you back

That doesn't mean you massaged them first.

Does that mean you need a massage, but not only on your back?

It will feel like your heart would burst.

Notwithstanding the massage, you'll realise even life is an illusion.

After all, how could you feel relaxed, but never have a massage

Just because you'll be needing some  sensuality after entourage.

Believe what you want to.

Believe what you feel in your heart.

What you want can come to you.

Like the throwing of a dart to a prelocated chart.

Massage can transcend time & spaces.

Your spirit could travel to far away places.

If you don't feel the same about massaging, as you could,

you can move on & in time fwonder about whether you should.

Maybe in time you will forget

Or even regret

What could've been

When your masseuse is nowhere to be seen.

I wish you well.

What will happen henceforth

Only time will tell.

As even the wind blows south or north.

I ask if you think a massage will be

a good idea, should you be feeling lacksidaisy.

So instead of a rose so lovely

I'm offering you a fmassage paisey.

In a full circle, where things begin, so also they end.

If a ligaments have been torn, what could then mend?

Every flower that blossoms in nature is not seen.

Sometimes things happen not as we wish could've been.

Even though time lapses between massages may be far apart

You can find though massage what is right in your heart.

To massage you've found the key,

Unlocked it & found sensuallity from me.

You're so clever, you're so smart.

Baby, your body must be massaged into a living work of art.

If anyone in the world I knew

Babe, I'm so glad that I massage you.

I'm also sceptical, control your urges, though you're well hung

& Question whether you'll be satisfied with massaging only done.

Even if you're old & not young,

I'd still place you on a throne.

Even if you were ugly

I'd still you as beautiful see.

I accept you unconditionally.

You're the only one for me.

What to do when the massage that's right for you

has been put off when today you can enjoy a massage and play.

You have one guess, do not guess again,

considering you're searching for perfection then

you're heading in right direction if you've enchanted

sweet dreams, may all your wishes be granted;

if your dreams don't come true, don't despair

as by all means, just for you, I'll always be there,

but your dreams and aspirations reflect true care

since massage viably affords reliable rewards, by compare,

thus I thank you so much for wishing me to massage you this good day

and I hope all goes well, for you, in work and play,

well now, as the day turns into night

may all your worries fly out of sight;

tell you, what, don't choose, don't refuse, don't lose

worth remembering valuable lesson don't cook own goose

yet our spirit is steadfast as a rock,

because your foundation is built on a block

provided you're not patronised by a woman in a frock

relinquishing after retaining key for every lock.

Just to let you know how much you're appreciated:

A massage will revive you, following flower's wilting t'was anticipated.

You will look fresh as a daisy though, with renewed power.

Sometimessensual massage has you blossom like a beautiful flower

but don't always last forever as is evident.

The sad thing about life is that nothing's permanent.

Yet, sharing a touching smassage will have you feeling better than before.

But it still remains relevant. Take care now, until you're back for more.

You should remain fairly ambitious; wish well your endeavours.

Seasons change, new health benefits blossom, earth itself tremors

Kind words are in transition evoking

both as massaging is inspiring & thought provoking.

Powerful presence of massage acquisition

is also evident in pphysique composition.

Please be assured of friendship,

kinsmenship & companionship.

Even for those dearly departed

to whom you may have devoted

requiem: in honour of those noble men

remember forever your prayer: Amen.

Don't cry.

The end of massage does not mean goodbye.

It is the means to becomgin a sweet prince.

A massage will take care of your physique, please convince.

I must admit ever since

the massage with me together

will stay in your memory now and forever.

What has been discarded

and described as mortal sin

has philosophy regarded

that where we ended so also we begin.

You will have no more feelings fof glee,

no longer empty is the cup from which you drank,

free is the buck that hath flee,

forever emersed is the ship that sank.

Unseeing is the gazing eye,

dull is the obscured bright,

massage will have you hidden marvels to aspy,

crooked branches will turn to tree upright.

Blue becomes mud at end of tide,

people believe what they hear & not see,

yet you won't feel sad e'en at yuletide,

invisibles are boarders of country.

Important's moved aside in time bide,

silent are words once fervently spake,

stationary now is ride as you abide,

what's been lost without cause or sake.

The eyes are closed below uplifted brow,

tired of trying are you,

no more living, merely surviving in eternal now,

not bothering any more knot to tie too.

No longer weep,

should you feel no more marvel at a favourite dress,

hardly pausing for rest or sleep,

seeking ugliness in loveliness.

If you're akin to woe,

moving far from what was close,

moving to, not fro, judging neither friend nor foe,

feeling prick of forms surrounding rose;

you do not own what you did rent,

having another caring for other,

in pent up feelings not repent,

not identifying with sister or brother.

Perhaps you ignore the sun, but notice the cloud,

breathe with increased heartbeat the air,

listening silently at proud boisterous loud,

having given up on trying to dare.

Maybe you have many in ignorance offended,

wasted in earning a living are thoughts of mind,

your life continues as a butterfly's cocoon ended,

rising in flight, of necessity leaving burden behind.

Be strongly attracted to person's original side

Yet liaison won't last, because person won't abide.

When confronted with daily routine

It will tend to become unstable & person unseen.

Because no longer fed by passionate mean

And excitement that characterized the begin.

Sometimes the sharp break with ties from the past

such as because of a move could make you feel lost,

but will have positive effect free old conditioning

and enable new roots without subjugated wishing

with enriched understanding of world that's too fast.

Transformation's yet possible

inasmuch as change is rife:

what you don't know is that you'll ever find as noble

a massage to complete this jigsaw of you life,

as in relaxation you turn down massage path

after wanders nocturnal,

wondering at maze of intelligence opposed with

dejection of ephemereal.

With some of above,

regardless of circumstances permit,

cordially coming from sensuality's treasure trove:

Fancy a cordial invitation to sensual massage benefit?

I remain, in sensuality, spirituality & sponateinity

truely yours sincerely

albeit responsibly & discerningly,

with affection accordingly.

You may have felt used, then convenienty cast aside,

living, yet not having a place to stride,

in incongruous non-conformity,

assigned to iniquity of inferiority.

In entramorphic expression

comparing human traits of peacefulness & aggression,

imperatively emphasizing misconception

& relying eventually on redemption,

lacking sufficient security

& constantly eluded by prosperity,

not considering what should favour priority,

continually opposed with difficulty.

you may be scared to meet me in reality,

as you may visualise your massage differently

from what if & what I say

& you may disappointment convey.

Your massage may be different from how you visualise too

& you may possibly be not disappointed too,

either way just dream of a sensual massage for you,

wishing without doing, without any further ado.

Thus I suppose to avoid such atrocity

I can't touch you to evade catastrophy,

although in reality such masterful relation

could be wistfully a sensual massage to sustain.

The thought, though incomprehensible, appeals to thee,

but some stones are better left unturned, you see.

I sincerely hope you don't mind me

expressing my opinions & resolutions on massage so elaborately.

Furthermore in revolving world of evolving calamity,

nobody truely understands resolving you

& I doubt if anyone ever will, knowing strife

& confess to never having had a massage in your life

An ode to a virtual stranger

being a friend I'm offering  a massage to you won't regret,

who I'm in danger

of regarding as a pet.

If last night you could not sleep,

Instead I thought of you.

The memory of your massage you keep.

Tender as a flower embraced by dew.

The fire

of your desire

cooled to ember.

It's been a while, you remember.

Is it that you can't explain

why your heart is in pain.

Can you feel what's not real?

Two can live a dream

no more than capture a sunbeam.

Dreaming of my sensual massage, for you

Is like drifting on a cloud.

Someday you will remember my massage too

& say my name out loud.

Imagine me massaging you, amongst hand in hand

Into a state of relaxation, akin to a faraway land.

Gazing upon embers of fire at night.

Let all your worries go out of sight.

Making a wish upon a star.

Having relxation resulting from massaging near even though aspirations may be far.

I know

of your stress you need to let you go.

As much as numbers don't end at nine,

worries won't be forever thine.

I massage you.

That much is true.

You inspire me

To write massagy.

What inevitably goes up

Invariably must come down.

Drinking from an empty cup.

Trying to erase a frown.

Is it destiny of the heart

To miss a massage in part?

Should you feel, you've gone astray.

The night is yet to turn to day.

The fragrance of a flower

Once picked evaporates.

How can you progress one hour?

Masage ensures your stress abates.

Even if you feel you have all the stress in this world

Maybe one day you'll realise how much you need a massage, even at hour eleven.

Until such time may your physique guide you

And I hope sometime you'll join me for a massage too.

I don't know what it is about you

Of the million or so about whom I don't feel the same

As my heart has gone out to you

& I will forever treasure your name.

Please don't let your muscles be cold.

Let's not reminisce on what could've been.

In case you haven't been told,

Have a massage. That's what I mean.

Massaging you is a rendesvous.

I'm so into massaging you.

If in a past life your fortune was one, now it will double to two.

Massaging is like de ja vouz.

Following a rainbow,

Reaching for a pot of gold.

A nightingale after sunset at morn,

Dreaming dreams to adorn.

Pursuing the trivial in this world

As destiny into full circle has curled.

Let this be your little secret.

A warm nest away from the cruel world.

Whether you care for massage a lot or just a bit,

You're worth more to me than the most precious gold.

You're the one that I wish to hold.

And so the tale unfurled.

As yet history before was told.

To me your well-being mean the world.

Yet don't despait if others find you vile.

And treat you with ice cold denial.

Please just dial me for a while.

So you may once again smile, let me massage you for a while.

I wish you were here with me for real

for me to keep you warm & hold you tight.

Massaging in  my arms you'd feel

safe & protected throughout the long, cold stormy night.

Yes, I have a sensual massage, baby, for you.

Just how you will wish that you would lhave a massage too.

You're the only one that appeals to me.

May massaging relax you & benefit you for all eternity.

I massage you so much, my darling

Although it's a massage you'll never regret.

Your face will be forever smiling,

a picture I won't quickly forget.

The fact that you've read about my massage online

Is something you'll never regret.

You're unique & so divine.

Please don't ever fret.

You could become zealous,

as having a massage would be marvelous.

When I massage you I'll try

My very best not to cry.

I became scared as you stared then

no darling a massage only, no if and when. :/

My massage for you is transluscent

fluent, luminescent

efervescent, fragrant as scent.

It's as though your massage is heaven sent.

Why is it so wrong when it feels so right?

Feelings expressed lyrical song, soul enveloped flight.

My massage has become the object of your affection.

Yes, you no longer have to put up with rejection.

Baby, after my massage, you'll be the image of perfection,

But my sincerity you question.

Love your creativity, an artist of sculpting your body, for all eternity.

Do you want to be free or even more so massaged by me?

Yet you think I have audacity,

Approaching you with tenacity.

You gaze at the night sky

And picture me in you mind's eye

Your massage is near, massage is love,

As is a descending turtle dove.

The moon is rising,

so uncompromising,

seemingly preoccupied,

not conquered, though often tried.

The desires of the heart

are not easy to share,

for often depart

those who dare

and on those barren rocks apart

unchartered territory even for those who care.

If I were a spider I would spin

a web with massaging for you to always win.

I noticed the moon today

beckoning for you to come & play,

masasge by the light of the moon

from starlight until noon.

To the moon your spirit may fly,

massaging will make you free as a bird & you're the sky,

defiant, yet radiant,

defeating any gradient,

your eyes can once again glimmer,

lit by the moon's shimmer,

so filled with life

with no more strife.

Massage will have gladness enter your heart

here in spirit, though through massaging not physically apart.

Yes, let's play


For tomorrow brings its own sorrow

You I'd like to borrow

To you me I'd lend

If only you'd a massage comprehend.

Let's twist & turn;

Let's experience things learn;

Aspire to new sight;

With all our might.

Hours are rich,

As minutes we cherish.

Benefits of massage is everlasting,

While moments are fleeting,

Let me show you how

Forever can become now.

Let's not wait for tomorrow

As a sensual massage is more striking than cupid's arrow

Shooting from his bow

It's to sensual massage we'll bow.

If you were still a boy,

You'd be playin' with your favourite toy;

If you were a hunter forlorn,

You'd be blowing on your horn;

If for your sweetheart you did long,

You'd be singing a sweet love song;

If you were a deer would you hear the horn,

As you were lost for scorn;

If you were a dear to those you've known,

Would you in return compose a poem?

If you were toying faster than lightspeed with idea,

Would materialisation thereof cause you to fear?

If you were the heart contemplating love,

Would you be oblivious to clouds above?

If you were ensnared in the hunter's net,

Would you have sworn to forget;

Who you were & could've been or would you've in memory,

Remembered even as the eyes no more can see;

Would you have been away & gone or have confided in me,

Of in anguish 'fore day is gone having wanted to flee?

I realise full well that in massage would you then completely

succumb, should you feel burning desire for me,

simultaneously being preoccupied in apprehension

of your interest, as much as your rejection,

wondering if a massage will have you be who you want to be,

or you don't, both which would be ideally,

as you're wary & resistant to closeness,

as much as in solitary existence experience loneliness,

though imperatively cherishing deserving

solitude, experiencing ambivalent feelings conflicting,

undefined imminent morality

& unresolved physical sensuality,

often well intentioned would,

but more so often misunderstood,

in issues evading,

whilst in non-conformance pervading.

You want a massage, yet you're not sure if you're keen,

but contact me re. a massage before I log in.

I wish for you to have a massage from me

but you're scared of being hurt emotionally;

you feel imperfect as the world we live in, yet your energy in fact

& innate inner strenght a massage can profoundly impact.

Nobody understands you for you are the eternal child,

at times unloved & dejected, although mild,

are you talented, yet a dismal failure, not authorative,

unwittingly contributing to demise, wanting assertive,

yet unable to relate to another,

in me you have found a kindred spirit to discover,

massaging to grant you pleasure within you,

although knowing in reality it's a dream come true

I'm trying to explain feelings emerging from my soul,

seeking to ultimately restore your life, making you whole

Right now your simple, yet complicated whole

is akin to a square peg in a round hole,

 betrothing charm in trepadation,

awaiting in omission & remission of your perspiration;

with stormy currents of emotion & penitence,

pervading below your seemingly placid appearance,

in disagreement of innocence

& desires unbridled in deliberance.

Wow, with regards to issues, so exciting,

what if I a massage was intentionally inviting?

Should I try & entice you?

Would you perhaps unintentionally enjoy a massage too?

With roaring like a lion & thunder, sighting

a passionate current strike like lightning,

exhileration electrifying may cause storm to erupt

from this planet right to Venus, abrupt.

Attach importance to success over & above defeat,

so apt is expression, as I massage you from head to feet.

Your desire attraction & desire for sensual massage by name

is like that of a moth to the flame,

knowing in serendipity, precariously,moving curiously,

you could get terminally scorched without further ado,

yet you're hopelessly overcome by attraction massaging has for you,

as you find my sustained, inherent sensuality

irresistibe & provocative, ultimately,

feeling absolutely cautious, yet impusively,

spectacularly fascinated by your strong virility,

at the very same time wanting,

yet, in incarnation, objectively fearing,

a subjective response from you being

scared of the very thing you want much, knowing

while sensual massage undeniably experiencing.

You will easily make contact with your beauty ideal

which you will project into what is real

or on me whom massages youwithout being aware

of the illusionary side of what is there.

You could even be so occupied with seeing,

the beautiful images in your mind being,

that you could refuse to see,

constraining reality as it be.

Romantic deceptions are frequent under astral influence,

because there is a tendency to idealise any innuendo

and not recognise your faults aghast

only to be later disenchanted once this period has passed.

Mechanistic philosophy's akin to insomniac count sheep,

Filled with apprehension for deep anticipated sleep

Unsuspecing of what could be expected in matters heart

With collapsing of the common sense in being apart.

Mechanically dependable is wheel in circumference,

The wheel of fortune's susceptible to interference.

Man is able, ever evolving & adjustable I can tell

Though within large universe frequently under a massage t feel well,

Assuming the self possible source lost in obscurity,

Perceiving massaged image & reflections at liberty

Emotions remaining fluid in each possible meaning face

Understanding reality moving image of your body as a sensual place

Of seemingly integrated relationship could be disgrace,

When in universe abandoning ration moving too fast pace

Rationalist view contructing relative values in array

Begging for beloved to stay & in later idealism also play

In affectionate subjectivism volunteering as you crave

to expressing meaning in your own experiences of a heart so brave, 

As positioning in massaging proposition behave,

Regarded sensuality beautiful quathe in massage to bequathe.

Would you cross an ocean just to hold me tight?

Or climb a mountain for me to massage you every single night?

If you were a good swimmer you'd forever cross the sea.

And overcome a mountain for a massage from me for all eternity.

Through massage I could take your thoughts away

to a far away island by day,

gazing at the horizon & panorama,

strolling on the beach,

while I cherish a banana,

& you taste a delectable peach.

When you're in the mood for massage

oh, please, would you think of this as dance?

You know I will massage you so.

Please don't ever let the thought of a sensual massage  go.

You can fixated all your relinquished emotions on me.

If you don't want a massage, please don't tell me you dont' feel glee.

My massage will take your dreams far away,

So you could be alone with me for an hour or every night & every day.

I'll warm your cold feet and heart

& you'd be in tears if ever I had to depart.

Truely you don't need to have a world of wealth.

As your health is a wish of good fortune, all by itself.

I'll afford you the sweetest dreams,

Even is you don't have the financial means.

Yet I take the greatest pleasure

Just by your body with me massage to treasure.

You're worth more to me than all the gold

& Captivate my attention more than any tales of old.

I belong to you

& I belong to me.

Your sould and body are locked together too,

So inseperably.

Your hands are so creative, your lip,

So sensual to the touch.

Ev'ry time I massage you, gently touching the hip,

you will feel amorous & aroused. You want this massage so much.

Baby please

BABY Please

Don't feel that I am sUCH a TEASe.

I knew

You're worried I might find some one new

& maybe I WILL,

but then


u know I'll massage you still,

he may have a sensual massage from me too,

yet then again my thoughts will be of you.

Sadness prevails,

as a boat away sails.

I've you've been met with contempt

, that's cause you haven't met me, when it's well that I meant.

Why can't you too

find someone who can massage you that's true,

oh, I'll massage you, without further ado.

Some moments in life are far more treasured

Such as a precious pearl in the ocean of time

Enhanced only by a sensual massage measured

As fate doth creaateth beautiful inspiring rhyme.

How the days come and go

Been and gone since time here

In the sweet course of fate

It is again that time of year.

In the strangely conceited course of deliberate fate

Sometimes for mere patience it's much too late

Some things are just over before they had begun

If you have knowledge to understand all the secrets, but one.

Until you join me for a massage, I'll live in hope,

Unless you say nope.

Maybe I'll mope

Or finally one day massage another oke.

But baby, I sincerely hope it's you.

Until then & thereafter my wish for for your well-being remains true.

Please don't make me blue.

Just say YOU want me to massage you too!

Is it too much to ask

to render a task

of me massaging you?

Could I ask that of you?

Everybody triumphantly underline perplexity;

Give passionately of beautifully intertwined mind.

Time has personality of dignity and respect for complexity;

Sometimes hesitation confirms, whereupon remind.

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