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Sensationally sensual senses

Posted on June 12, 2010 at 9:50 AM

The purely materialistic conception of the universe no longer satisfies

as mystery of life cease to be abstractions tries.

Out of the ordinary personalities will attract you

symbolizing your need for independence and originality too.

Contextually your massage could become place for reunion

of people sharing ideas as in union.

The quality of your sleep may change

populated with various remarkable dreams to arrange

that leave a strong impression

when you wake up from depression.

It is normal for powerful subconscious energies to emerge

as turning a page in your life and changes will surge,

but the process is so subtle in effects

that it could be some time before you notice the defects.

Would you cross an ocean just to hold me tight?

Or climb a mountain to be with me every single night?

If you were a good swimmer you'd forever cross the sea.

And overcome a mountain to experience tbenefits of massage for all eternity.

Some moments in life are far more treasured

Such as a precious pearl in the ocean of time

Enhanced only by massage true measured

As fate doth createth beautiful inspiring rhyme.

In the strangely conceited course of deliberate fate

Sometimes for mere patience it's much too late.

Some things are just over before they had begun

If you have knowledge to understand all secrets, but one.

Life's grand show is eternal

Sunrise somewher is ephimeral

As round earth turneth

So we learneth

Life is lost in uncaring way

As time steals away

The present day

Past memory will stay

As rare things vanish

In summer, blossoms we reliquish

Autumn is wasted with rain

As what has blossomed will not bloom again.

Those who come in future, we know not who'll they be

Grieving in vein for those they cannot see.

You are longing for lasting

Yet only ephemeral has value in enchanting

Transitory, briefly existing

Waterbody evaporates after precipitation of snow melting

Forever in the world there is change

Always some things are out of range.

Appreciate infinite length of a day

as soon what was will go away.

We experience in fleeting world once & never again

But beyond undoing things will never be the same

Two puzzle pieces oppose to compete

Correctly positioned may make life complete.

Each moment prevails in own beauty as every tower

Perceiving picture now & never again another hour

Time becomes forgotten as fire becomes cold

As even kind friends have tendency to become old.

Between the core and the peel ripe is the fruit

Irreverent moments when devoured become forever mute

Clouds rising, hovering in space

Are suddendly there, then gone without a trace

The matrix of cosmic realisation is surging

As our reluctant acceptance of reality is emerging.

Memories clustered in consciousness are rooted in time forever

As days are remembered, then moments and then finally never.

Constant expansion exists in exchange & experiment

Adventure too inquisitive may cause patience detriment.

It is as futile to hold back or dissuade coming of flowers

Or fruition or downward stream flow as seconds inevitably turn to hours.

We rely on subconsious

inasmuch as we heed conscience.

Limited time brings transcience

as plants arrive in ambience.

Creativity in search for a world that is better

Is an effort guided as assembling word from letter

Vision of paradise & glorious future expectations

Provides hope for the future in the heart of all nations.

The future is as unexpected as a daytime moon

Inconspicuous, but misplaced, coming too soon.

Nobody can stop the inevitable flowers, rain & seasons

Sometimes events occur regardless for intended reasons.

Snow covers mountains.

Cold rivers form from fountains.

Freezing intentions.

Oblivious to interventions.

As time is ripe some things doth appear

As flowers may come early in spring this year.

Humanity's seeking of understanding will disappear

As changeable patterns in world pass here.

Imagine this world just heralded as passing through

With illusions of permanence prevalent in all we do

Well disguised fiction is what we tend to believe

As fate lacks eclipse & tends to deceive.

Astoundingly striving to be with the present content

As fate comes too late in future time lent.

Artful purpose of stopping time astonishing

Content with right & wrong diminishing.

Roses can no longer be gathered in winter's snow

Only by evening we can appreciate splendid day glow

Deserts wait far yonder for rain for all eternity

Milestones, not moments, foresaking you and me.

There is a kind of immorality

In absolute power of eternity

Flowered mountains have caused rock fall

Perpetually changing environment influence all.

Some plants flourish in conditions where others don't

Some humbled attempt to quit, while others won't

The tides doth diminish & rise again

Pyramids have been conjured through writing of a pen

Since time immemorial the hummingbird was heard to sing

And even into oblivion will be sighted on its wing.

Time devoted to favourite activities increases importance.

This way of life awaiting in due season increases significance.

Continuum of life instinctively progresses towards full circle.

Yet in imagination one lifetime is incomplete for many an oracle.

How far from the beginning is the end?

What will remain when we cease to pretend?

Youth is by far mellower to extend.

Loss of flowers gained in fruits may offend.

Herewith bequaths and ode to the transient hour;

To the fire of spring devouring the bud to evolve into the flower;

To fables agreed upon considered as history;

To summer fading as winter gains its victory.

As the splendours of summer subside,

The winds after storms don't abide.

As night comes the day will hide;

Waves along the shore are pushed aside.

Fate should be regarded cautiously, yet reverently

as the world continually revolves around axis fervently.

The concept of hastening the future is incomprehensibly

actually fading as the virtual is required more urgently.

Fate obtains much delight

in the dreams of man by day & night.

Sand through the hourglass does not disappear from sight,

but broadens understanding deciphering&distinguishing wrong from right.

There is some degree provided of delightful anticipation,

Although nothing remains permanent in God's creation.

Time may be measured irrevocably by hours,

As inspiration may be obtained from passing flowers.

Perspective may be gained on passing of time demure.

Boundaries of past are exceeded by fate determining future.

In a world that's forever eternity will arrange

our reluctant knowledge & acceptance of change.

Prediction is complicated by future uncertainties.

Structure of winter and fall is more stable than democracies.

This may result in feelings of loneliness in winter's snow

As fate often does not indicate appropriate course to follow.

Whether the weather may change in an hour, day or night;

When precisely the trees may wither in past & future right;

Why leaves fall and shooting stars are an inevitable sight,

What perpetually mazed seasons increase

s nothing abides, so no person does perpetually grow.

Fragments broken cannot be similarly assembled again.

Extensive degrees are inevitably required for melting snow.

Fate transforms less then we require, more often then we know, but when.

Tomorrow's flowers result from activities today.

What happens now was borne of yesterday.

The all can only be measured in relation to nothing.

Concealed beginnings replace another ending.

Impenetrable fortresses wield many secrets untold.

Incapability of comprehension relies on fate to unfold.

Nothing is required to serve as an indifferent interlude.

Clocks ticking may not be interrupted even by the prude.

Have you realised with some degree of precipidation

That you have put off the necessary resulting in procrastination?

Opportunity inevitably produces sublime feelings of elation.

Appreciation of fate knocking on the door is regarded with anticipation.

Around every circle encompassed a world of nature

as every beginning irrovacably in end doth mature.

Ironically obtusively manure is plant's prerequisite nurture

as awaiting fate may be elation or mere torture.

Events often occur in manner mysterious.

Predetermined fate may at times seem dilerious.

Balancing weights of apprehension is at the most precarious.

Colours may dull & dimensions broadaned in ways various.

The pleasantly humourous could also become hilarious.

Delightful acquaintances held too long comply, but are too serious.

The laborious ticking of the clock fleetingly obscuring forever

may be heard over streams of waves revealing sandy treasure.

As currents diminish depth of water does not stay the same.

Thus despite the passing of time so eternity will remain.

The past is as irrevocably unchangeable

as growth & transformation are arrangeable.

What one sees in the mirror is deceptive

unless to renewal one becomes receptive.

Time & patience provide a certain ambience.

Instead of attachment practice lenience.

Gratitude for each day is sufficient,

although past denial & future belief may be ambivalent.

Yet the eternal now is omnipotent.

Each forgotten day will with long distance also bring

unexpected surprises found in exciting everything.

What belongs to others is unfortunately not ours

yet all may experience joy of summer flowers.

Participation may result in renewed vision.

Also solitary moments are required for revision.

Only on realisation can an important path start.

Then after trivial happenings sadly we depart.

Time does not wait for instantaneous gardens flourishing.

Repetition bears reluctance in permanence reliquishing.

Achieving the great may in due course be detrimental

As soon enough future considerations become eventual.

Beginning with a dream, missing the best is often consequential.

It is impossible for all important events to occur simultaneously.

Memories of the past also offer consolation timeously.

Nature can only be enhanced by imagination.

Thoughts are conditioned to induce collaboration.

Enchantment is portrayed in life's every celebration.

Influencing another provides some compensation.

Some days lasting longer is just cause for elation.

Thinking & being comes with patience & participation.

The perennial may only be savoured occasionally on the way.

Life's memories are also gathered into a beautiful bouquet.

A butterfly can hardly be captured as much as forgotten.

Growth may be exciting yet uneaten fruit become rotten.

Dynamics of glancing backward & forward too much

could result in not noticing what's here now, as such.

It is forever now in the gift of the present

bestowed on all, be they royalty or peasant.

Sometimes a person wishes to be elsewhere far,

but rather must be content with where they are.

Actions may be repeated if not initially done right

as opportunities abound, but are often out of sight.

What is life but a garden bright & green?

What is the future but a forest yet unseen?

What are mysteries but where we haven't been?

Can any decipher what perpetual fate could mean?

Humbly thank God for existence as of today's date.

Reverting to lamenting on the past will happiness dissuade.

Even tiny creatures have capacity to become great.

Anything is possible in some whimsical twist of fate.

No great things happened suddenly any more than they would.

No desire was quenched any more than fate could.

For flowers first to blossom could be considered as good.

Fruit plucked before ripened could worsen the mood.

Patience is a virtue, so it's understood.

Irrespective of whether you may know it or not

The seed of destiny's planted although we forgot.

Uncut diamonds are undiscovered or discarded

As life's irreverent perspective is often disregarded.

When gathering daisies we no more desire a rose

Than wishing for snow in summer breeze I suppose.

Although what we desire in due season grows

Sometimes what we first wish for are not those.

Fate offers a unique perspective on celestial sight

Seemingly glorified by the sun's light

Unparallaled in glory, reflected as a dream

Idealisation is not as at fist it may seem.

By night light fades until we can see no more.

Endless pursuits have many hearts tore.

Yet moments may result in instant realisation.

Miracles are possible through divine comprehension.

Tempt fate until the day is done.

Endure the cold to appreciate the sun.

Fate could be cruel, but also sublime

Offering as present part of time.

Naughty, but nice

If it's me you need,

the sensual massage is guaranteed.

You'll be back on track

after I treat your back.

Relaxation guaranteed

while I attend to your need.

Get your muscles in motion

& dispell pent -up emotion.

After relaxation

you'll experience elation.

No pun intended

Feeling splendid?

No pun


if you spend it

on fun.

Over 21?

No refun!

Over 40?

Only if you're naughty.

Over 104?

Sorry, there's the door.

Pse. don't cry.

I'll sing you a lullaby.

But before you're off to bed

I'll keep those fingers practicing on your massage instead.

If you're tired of playing, may I won't join you in bed.

Or would you txt me instead as I'm easily misled?

If you don't bother to reply, then so long & good bye.

IYoushould have known

you'd falll in love with a beautiful poem.

May your blessings be forever many

& your troubles few

May your days, if eventful,

be filled with all things bright & beautiful.

With extra special wishes for your dreams, once fulfilled,

along all pathways to be delightful.

You should believe what you feel in your heart,

as you're a special person

and massage can transcend time & spaces

leading your spirit to far away places,

therefore it is possible for sensuality to be blind

when following your heart instead of your mind.

May God be with you

in all you endeavour to do.


I'm sure you'd be a tremendous companion

with tenacity, intelligence, determination,

passion for performance combined with a pleasant nature.

Does that accurately sum up your personality's composure?

Guess I just like to read between the lines occasionally.

Best of luck & may your endeavours be successful in totality

that you may experience good fortune in all you set out to do,

as good people like u automatically attract positive energy too.

Notwithstanding cold weather

we can spend time having a massage together.

You'll see

an hour with me

will have you

feeling like new.

Pamper your fine muscle tissues

& forget about other issues.

Spending quality time

will be completely sublime.

Just rest,

put me to the test

& let me do the rest.

Put me to the test

& you'll agree I'm the best.

Feeling lonely, sad or blue?

Remember I'm here for you.

If there's anything I can't do

don't call Winnie the Pooh.

Only a massage from me will do.

Imagine sailing on the sea

while spending time with me.

Now you can

feel like a new man.

Dream theme:

When we enter the

world of dreams

it means

it's mysterious,

yet flirtatious,

provoking the conscious mind

to submit to the subconscious find.

If you are inclined per rumour

to a sense of humour

your dream

may seem


yet hilarious,

which may have been ironical

had it not been seen as cynical.

It is truely fascinating

awaiting your dream,

in the dreamworld participating

for as long as it may seem.

Your perceptions depending

whether amicable or condescending


along divides:

Will your dream

like a sun beam

be terrific

or to deem

as specific?

There is no escaping

your conscience

when participating

in memories,


or dreams.

Should you consider it funny

to fall asleep count a bunny

if you count to one

consider it fun,

but careful counting hares,

'cause those may are chased by nightmares.

How do you feel moved

as you consider how far removed

are dreams from reality?

For the instablility

in the world of dreams

alludes to no escaping reality

and all that it means.

You must admit

when you submit

to your massage, as though it were a dream

it's not a bit

like clicking submit

on a compter screen.

The dream

should it mean

or had it been

a realm unseen

would indicate

future, present & past

for as long as your dream massage may last.

Are you inspired,

when really tired,

by your dream mood

whether bad or good?

Your physique

may be unique,

but as far as a massage dream

it may seem


but won't do



participation of


it is really


You do not have to inherit

an accommodating spirit,

nor mind,



may have in mind.

For in massaging you will find

unified body, spirit & mind.

Your mind may seem

a muddle

as you step into the puddle

then realising it's only a dream.

Are you

puzzled by

your dream?

Do you lie


what it

may mean?

Or are you


by a recurring dream?

Or horrified

by nightmares

that wake you

with a scream?

Dream reality

cannot appearing anguished

easily be distinguished

from absolute reality

when the flames of desire

as a burnt out fire

are extinguished.

Of course

you can ride a horse,

but be careful of nightmare

that can also carry you from here to there.

Lucid dreams

may seem so real

it may make you feel ill

at ease

unless yourself you squeeze

to see if you're awake

or another dream to take.

Was that

the alarm's warning beep

or a hat

on a sheep

you were counting

drifting into sleep

or feeling sheepish

waking up from sleep?



if you dare,

but beware

for the nightmare

at which you stare

can carry you off into the night,

bringing all your troubles in sight

& waking you with a horrific fright.

However, a massage will help you see the light.


Dream analysis

may lead to paralysis

of the senses

when faced with




lurking in

the human mind

to which we consciously

are seemingly blind.

Your dream's interpretation


on your fascination

that sends













for dedication

and some appreciation.

Are you lacking understanding?

If you yourself can't interpret you dream

Why ask another what it may mean?

When you are lying under blankets & not standing

Then why ask others notwithstanding?

Are you soooo tired

that fatigue is causing suction

creating dream induction?

So your plan to stay awake backfired.

Don't give a yawn

in the morn,

but do so at night

if you plan to sleep tight.

If you treasure

a long forgotten


go to sleep happily for sure

as you are under no pressure

to remember

events from October to September

and there is indeed no hindrance

to your remembrance.

If you have some bizarre fascination

with things & events not quite what they seem

Enjoy the manifestation

of surrealism in your dream.


from sleeplessness




this becoming a mania?

Then step into the arena of dreams

where, by means of massage, anything is possible

and all is feasable.

Consider yourself psychic?

Your apparent sense

may seem to others

devoid of common sense.

You may sense what they feel

although most people

would deny this to be real.

When you're in emotion

you're bound to experience motion.

But when you have dream experience

you require some perseverance.

You may believe

what you perceive

As long as what you retreive

You don't leave.

There is hope for the future

if you dream


a better tomorrow

with no regrets and sorrow.

Aspiritions & ambitions

are ambivalent

as long as they do not lower inhibitions.


may be of some intrigue

when you dream

or so it may seem.

When you're feeling tired

you may get wired

or be hired

to be admired

or simply retired.

What other correlation

is there of some admiration

between global & positive

then that it is simply cognitive?

What message is to be gained

from the divine purpose

of massage

when all that remained

was a sky of turquoise?

What do we identify angels with?




Or the God may be with?

When you feel like exposing,

you don't require medication,

but in honesty of being

only massage and some meditation.

Mental telepathy and clarity,

when considering synchronicity,

is not unlike astral travelling,

in determining our destination,

which is still pending.

Your bed might not be so unstable,

as to have to be replaced with a massage table,

for a person in motion

is merely displaying emotion,

as a car on a rocky road

cannot be likened to a toad.

A rainbow

may just be a show

of colours so bright,

signifying tomorrow

all could come right.

Heaven is a between row

of yesterday & tomorrow,

with no sorrow.


not knowing how to handle

is not a simulator,

but like an alligator.

Say to the Lord

in accord

your prayer

for forgiveness,

love & repair.


may predict

however remote

or how you may vote

however derelict

with music prediction

what expedition

would make you


in the sky.

Do not trust

an earthly object

that may rust

& don't object to investigate

heaven's gate

for what it may be worth,

certainly not for mirth.

If you thrive to contrive

or sensationalise

do not depise

other's demise,

for from these embers & dust,

although given to rust,

new nations may rise.

Have you viewed the sunken Atlantis,

broken into so many an island,

sunken beneath the sea,

that the human mind

even on errand only in dream could see?

There are a myriad

of pyramid,

still to be found,

but even those half forgotten

have confounded the human mind.

Have you experienced revelation?

Is this you destination?

To put sin in the bin?

Believe me, you can only win.

If you have faith, if you have hope

in a brighter tomorrow,

without any sorrow,

just say yes

and God will Bless.





so many


Sleep, dear one, let your worries go out of sight

so with the eagles you may take flight.

Dream of me & you

Together. Forever.

This is true.

Dream of you & I

Forever Together

when I close my one & other eye.

When weaving together

the tapestry of your dream,

it may seem far more complicated,


than sewing a seam.

Dreaming of the sun,

through a night of stormy weather,

then again put together,

can be at a walk or run,

for eternity & forever.

If you find my poetry strange

Another massage I could arrange.

If you think so while awake

Think twice before jumping in the lake.

Rather jump into bed instead.

Then I'll wish you the sweetest dream.

It may be debated

or categorically stated

There's a category of horse

You may saddle when elevated

Called nightmare,

if you dare

for it to ensnare

you with a single glare,

taking you off on a wild journey,

beyond compare.

If music be the food of love,

Then dreaming might be

the food of life,

counting blessings from above

& abundant lack of strife.

If in the dream world,

you may choose to remain,

will you not experience discomfort,

but relief from physical pain

& should you call out in distress,

if will de-stress,

should you call out my name,

so again just


my name.

When you dream

you transcend

to a higher state

of being,

where believing

is seeing

& seeing

is believing.

When you dream

The dark & the shadows


As sun & meadows.

I would be massaging

was I not writing this poem,

dreaming with eyes open

of experiences yet unknown.

I would be dreaming

was I not writing

this composition

& massaging

had I not this enquiring,

yet creative disposition.

Dream your aspirations

& suddenly

with infinite variations

your goals may become attainable

& life for once sustainable.

You do not have to be lost

to find your miracle -

just dream.

You will find

in your mind

what you were looking for

is lost no more

& is suddenly

within you reach

if you have a massage & practice

what you preach.

Reach for the stars

& the seemingly impossible

will become attainable;

do not regret

nor forget


for today

it is possible to dream

of a brighter tomorrow,

devoid of any sorrow.

When it's so dark,

you can't possible see,

just embark

or imagine sitting in the park

& dream a little dream of me.

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