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Being sensual is not inherently sinful


Moonstruck: Contented Contents

Posted on May 14, 2010 at 1:35 PM


Mythology and folklore direct development simultaneously. Silver heart for love frequently focuses on dreams and desires, effectively healing with divination and psychic instantaneously by higher source of desires fulfilling strange strong energies & fires. Rekindle sensuality & passion with elemental enchantment, associated planets, stars and angelical tune Allow crystaline images to form in instinctive attachment to prosperity, flowers and good fortune. Twilight

Bring joy to your life with healing deity proof. Combine magical  forms to infuse light; various cultures of deception and truth attract  success, and prosperity in flight. Angel of happiness gently drops special gift of shining sunlight to bring peace to spirit guide, creating ripples of why try significant occasions in great resources of temptation delight. Healing harmony and powers eminate from earth and sky . Wise light of universe surrounds benefit of full moon. Myths and mystical at beginning and end of quest for vitality attract beauty and worth soon in astrological associations of crystal request. Protection and blessings do ring of candles start, especially in matching moonstones treatise. Enjoy rich history by using intuition and heart, shimmering a sunlit calm exploration-release

Recent discovery movement and pathways of full moonlight rest for thousands of years encourages trusting intuitive powered rhythm trays that simultaneously identify doorway'd fears. Attached from moonrise, move to moonset. Energies amplify innate healing harmoniously, presenting questionable formation-reformation to regret information of tiny prismatics fracturing melodiously. Bring peace and spiritual harmonious pale. Mists count slowly blessings as wishes talk. Reflected rainbows are endowed with energies' stale, transformed into sunbeam or starlight walk through seas and seals. If in doubt, begin fascination. Magical crystal place balances warm harmonizing; astral traveling dolphins and whales do personal interpretation; clear pendulum soothes visualized bright vision – tantalizing. High tides with wishes on shimmering waves alleviate. Trace inner psychic patterns spiraling round; dive deep into clear ocean below characteristics of late. Traditional associations reveal hypothesis mound. Direction of swing is special prayers or wishes, really. Follow crystal huge tree staircase in interaction; butterflies and moths’ energies are flowing freely, filled with light legend, invoking energy reaction. Clockwise circling mantra continues rhythmic chant. Healing powers in incantation incarceration are source of light to spiritual guides. Spontaneous response can’t select at random a mystical land encircling association, correcting path limitations of time talking animals. May light shine on you and luck smile on you nevertheless. Twilight
Deliberately circle clockwise universal knowledge to mammals; wise guides focus on inner world substituting stress. Energise system with powerful crystals forming divination valour with wings sprouting. Choose route for the momentous association. Unblock stagnant area-enthusiasm with individual colour, returning endowed rest after travel on rainbowed bridge arbitration. Cleanse gentler crystals with clarity of purpose to nurture. Select knowledge transmission and ask blessing. Wonderful colours of restoration won wondrous nature; rotate anti-clockwise, cleanse and calm stressing. Feeling of reassurance infuses with light connecting. Intense spiritual insights increase entourage to power and determination, allowing impressions to form eclecting of careful intuitive guide to inspiration, denoting courage; intuitive interpretation structure is blessings promising. Rebalance whole system to vibrant mood of the day deity. Peace surrounds experience of archangels, diminishing ascended beings and source of divinity. Through mystical experiences increase fortune less. Increase self esteem - offer strengths you need. Continuous flow within increases achieved success in brillianc&resilience. May momentarily creed glimpse greed. Divinity does and feels at one with the universe trove. Strengthen sense of identified sunlight balance while arose roses. Meaning in life increases love, empathy and compassion. Different options do decadence. Stream for hour fills with light of diamond bright, absorbed into energy field for work precarious, with nature and environment allowing good sight of images to form rest transforming areas. Aura is constantly flowing into coloured rainbow. Gradual increase of prosperity and fortune is festivities’ direction to reward anticipation. Twilight
Pass pendulum bow clockwise to increase existing good opportunities. amplify and transmit cultural forgive. Pendulum harmonises and improves qualities. Doorways to other dimensions doth protection give In balance of polarities: fidelity and infidelity equalities Anti-clockwise to cleanse and clockwise to energise - aura promoting success will vibrate within depths create. Oasis of calm is more vibrant doorway of hidden realms, wise, continuously moving outwards to represent kindness, late reconciliation, meditation and contemplation synergy. Enhance and encourage triumph of light over darkness. Increase flow of life force to neutralize negative energy, increasingly becoming oasis exchange to clear comforting meekness. Good beginnings after obliteration offer compromise for new regeneration, representing beginnings of charmed restoration.

Notice best of all divine sources of generation.


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