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Being sensual is not inherently sinful


Sensual massong rendesvouz

Posted on May 14, 2010 at 1:25 PM

Earth and sea keep harm from me. Wind and fire bring my desire to see. Glimpses of smooth whiteness with iridescent (incandescent) one In rainbow gleam (sunbeam) righteous on perfect spring day dewdrops shone. Brighter flowers smelled form sweeter refrain

the sky called class. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensPlease lift up darkness, dear Lord, again and make intellect clear as crystal glass. Based upon great pleasure power, let wisdom sword cut off all sorrow. Sensible initiation obeys command and come hour, may you and your family blessed be tomorrow. May you and your family so bless me yet, through the  path I will accomplish soon. Offer flowers as favour with four corners to form a net that gathers numberless Goddesses at noon. Full of wit like flower garland connected together, protect all worldly and unworldly joys. In lotus of realisation appear soon despite tether; right result obtains full enlightenment decoys. Fruit of great compassion, fruit of pure and perfect fruit of non-limit light, fruit of trinity when offering water passion - may wealth come soon in sight. May light be found, perfumes kept long, holy last, long music inflection, sweet sound accept with smile and good will abound, Fold palms and pray redemption and permission to be forgiven still. Merit successful in attainment liege; special prayer and power of great will and holy karma purposes hermitage Inspiration to grant permission for writing is ritual meditation light. Possibly perform celebrated played sighting; prayed ritual complied favouring right. The truth will be found in the dream slightly; infatuation presents life or is it thus elected, By the power of Lord God Almighty, I will now be blessed, healed and protected. I have prayed over the matter henged and God's angels will see by bells that  misery is avenged. Reminiscent of the spells of the ancient Pharaohs to ward off spirits in stealth of evil is fourth remainder of thy and thee; rose petals are destined for a life of wealth and great success in self-renewing vitality and versatility of nature to see the aesthetic beauty of miraculous healing powers in Neptune, Lord of the Sea’s quiet, romantic, tender time together hours. Rainforests, oceans, fill with life and hope; feel power emanates; feel light illuminating scope:- such is rejuvenated. Starfish from waters of life test soil from mother earth’s vitality: milk to symbolise nectar of breast; seed for growth, life and ability. Fire of vitality, storm of passion, good and helpful sight - sky clad under the full moon fashion glowing under warm golden light, with warmth all over and pearls divine, precious jewels of lunar, adornment, let it shine through and around sooner; belong to no one, but God up above and honest friends in  life. Do nice things and be happy in trove! With prayer for protection from strife: defeat the power of darkens through the good of God within sight, meaning all evil spirits will take flight, harkens and no more bother  day or night, Glory is. This is purely so by eclective. Recalcitrant to suppose, but apparently is effective. Destiny reminds of a rose. So enemy will see in mopes, They cannot get the better to see, as this dashes the hopes and evil endeavours of any adversary. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Amen. Blue moon, do moon - brightness of sensuality times ten do blue glass star festoon. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensIn good Christian faith turn the other cheek to all curses and victims of renunciation are redeemed by the power to seek  glory of Jesus’ annunciation. As the magi were wise without fail, so may the truth and true words prevail; oh, fountain, mountain tall, star of wonder by night’s royal bask, entail. Dear Lord, please help me to get angel way and in discord to your peace sway. Gain and again I pray for good and light astray - peace (pace) and prosperity (propensity) away. Something for fright: in quarrels do defeat temerity right. Demur darkness by God's eternal light; there’s no more sadness and no more fright, no more quarrels & no more fight - God has prevailing shining height and might. Forgive enemies and adversaries contrite for all the atrocities committed towards sight. Pray for hope in and through trying times. Enemies have tried to run such down. They have not succeeded by songs or chimes. Adversaries cannot topple smile to a frown as with God is pleaded, those who hate could not take nor conceded pleasure in downfall and have not succeeded as God has provided  with what is needed. Those who thrilled in grief pleaded and suffering failed surely, see as by the power of God succeeded in triumph over wrong to see when have been good to them; they are bringing sword over their own head. don't openly declare war, ahem- just sit waiting for enemies’ downfall instead, falling in their self-set traps in disdain by connection detection - consequence, heal  pain; grant request to protection and you will see the good in your heart and set  free. Bless you with powers afore you depart: the base of discriminative wisdom to be is like the cloudless sky of autumn rates from which we may get realisation, to save beings from unsavoury states to pure kingdom divination. Gems, pearls, silver, crystal, sapphire, gold, red coral, jade in dream, state good luck know quite well, already awakened had no answer, but became inspired, so told of wealth genius light illumined Mani King (mannequin) to sell. Golden stars in many transformations Into worldly or unworldly gems or dowry real and true, please do bless with all  powered reformations and help those who help all others, oh do. Do remember good vows; often keep with no kindness all wishes of good purposes to raised brows gathered as a sea of single-mindedness. No moment, no being, should leave; may this attachment be folded myriad. Many will be helped by wisdom fire conceive; may all be served with benefitted triad. Do with wish great karma raise, endless methods adorning lamp, sovereign prince of praise and sing a song with special wisdom revamp. Burn up the sorrow, help fulfil good wishes despite oblivions; do good karma today for tomorrow, care taken to keep natural positions. Hold straight without turning upside down, branches make great merciful shadows staggering; so clean mature time is just not this very moment in town, fruit and jewels nowhere for gathering. Power of renunciation and confession, power of branches, evolutionary yoga abundantly, mercy, great perfection obsession, kindly help to get time instantly! Prayer: please increase spiritual food of endurance and diligence. May we have perfect merited mood: Golden silk of five yards' indulgence- soft & wonderful silk detachment becomes realisation application when falling into attachment; help keep commandment elation. Attainment subdues in contemplation, transmuting sleepy mind in meditation, even kinds of when dreaming destination; help  to recognise this fact and falsification. Get patience sovereign like life and wealth, give great compassion and all advantage; required or requested wealth and stealth, experience spiritual food vantage. Wisdom & compassion earnestly pray for instant help, terrible are sins of sentient beings wandering in long transmigration sway; wealth obtained position helping to get realisation begins. Power of heavenly eyes, power of past lives enable know past life of each and every animal adore and despise, have power to know other's mind in prosperity and strife. Have all divine natural powers, achieve great saviour power; gems places reach places like flowers, reacted places, enacted places reach the gentle hour. Light shown light shone ire, all worldly and unworldly wealth may gain; bless wood, start wisdom fire, all sages’ beings do have the pleasure remain. Step into the light, don’t get a fright; you are with insight in sight. You are free by right. Praise victorious prince invitation, more fret you; won’t forget of good karmic elation, wisdom free-wisdom tree too. Wisdom ire, wisdom fire, eight lions and gems fantasise; endless merits disdainful of dire, knowledge perception is wisdom seat to secretly visualise. On lotus tree same as cushion-ornament lift upward tiger sun to powerful countenance, following guidance of God’s adornment, accomplishing whatever commands resonance. While lions in brightness on back God of Wealth rides, golden colon (golden cocoon) contriteness silk umbrella with many gems hanging from it divides. As many gems as desire in deflections decorated and magnified with diamonds; precious mirr mirror shining light in all directions, help sentient beings as almonds, to increase wisdom and wealth thens and nows, protectors standing around; fixes gaze smiling to remember all vows, when abiding in non-limitation of the cosmic sound, the taken care, more than compare - great palace appears within the air, bearing salvation’s stare and performing holy best karmis health, should induce endless wealth of two kinds (kings); pluck up favours of God of wealth. Bless bell five wisdoms and five gem treasury brings. Gold and jewels' voices are victory. Whatever you take, all is inconceivable, Worldly and unworldly bliss are delivered philosophy; sacred and secret inspire special enjoyment retrievable. Get all accomplishments; remember all excellent vows of men. Help gain all attainments; purify dreams and omen. Protect from risks, make peace and rich harvest for all. All good pleasures fulfil all best wishes obelisk, sacred and secret cause much nectar down fall. Flows from the ore, kind smile sends away sorrow; sit on good seat and admire more, fire appeals on moon which is on lotus to borrow. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensWelcoming gesture covered all things stolen that rightfully should have come will now be recovered to be, this is by the law of three insightfully. Refracted inflection enacted distracted reflected part; it took some time for you  to get to know causes other. It took some time for concequences to fall apart, yet in due time time will return as clockwork over, once again conscience take up residence forever in your heart. You will come to realisation sooner than time will tell. Then all will be perfect and all will be well not to depart by shower hour, so is deep well. These are the days when birds come back, a very few, a bird or two, come back on proper track, so, please do. For then after the misty morn the summer sun comes (or sand in the hand) with a wild fascination that seeks young summer's charms adorn, so,  yearning to be back in diversification of harmless arms, understand. Come back before the birds are flown into  arms for to call what is owned own!! Hope, thou hast been false like a dog to a bone, converse was ever true  in despair and throne. Don't believe lies and do deceits see and hasten  step to come back to solidarity. In favour you will remain constantly as every night turns to every day until eternity. With respectful sentiment and sentient yearning for adulation time will bring down adversaries sentient; time will bring what is lost back with appreciation. Lone respite from spite, deliciously modest  & extravagantly delectable day went about in silent respite, locked in a silent embraced stay. Pray over won every battle and song - every battle will be won, victiorious. I am headstrong. I am Aries. CHECK OUT STARSHA.COM FOR THE HOTTEST PICS!
Incessant (though obtuse) defence when will is challenged bring exercise of royal will to commence staring at nothing. Victoriously you will want in every mood of mercurial allegiance. Like royalty, compromise is notoriously changeable in challenged diligence. Compensate for ineptitude and ignorance; instead remains gratitude. Occurrence of the Arctic weather instance while my clock wines whines attitude and  remain one of body, spirit and of mind. Recalcitrant, but apparently effective rise, symphony demands to be converted as another kind that is kind, not coveted as a prize. He who is afraid of disappointment should not come near aspirations. Appetite comes with eating; natural beauty of nature rose as a rose arose to above or rock supposed to be to counteract defeating. Strange follow fellows vanish in folly midnight court or courting slightly, while the deer through the woods (would)/(are) nimbly, springy, sprightly dear, would you hold conviction tightly? Pretend game has all come true afore long, there is nothing wrong invitely with the words of this song!! Murmuring touching your heart and soul as once  were two now  are whole, oh in Alexandria the sea-god, Poseidon’s arised from hole. Who lived near the isle of the Pharaohs? This blew (BLUE) a divine whisper over the town. Depending on his mood ring, he sent various kinds or sorts of weather up or down. Wish for balm of spring. merely returned to disappear and to see, murmured smooth  time divine, two words mesmerised jewel by the sea. Lift tender honey suckle from the vine, fill air with essences in centre of town ingenius, preserved against time commences, pay tribute to genius. Envision paradise, reach through water of the glimmering sea, low, rocky harbour wise, built great library that had the entire world's knowledge be. Sacred flames, as you dance, call upon sacred glance, call upon second sight trance, and give  all wanton want with  light enhance. Blessed flame is shining bright lee. Give me now brightly second right; power of three, let them see, let them observe without fright. Maiden, bring me joyful dream to be free, Mother, bring peace serene, wisest crone, watch over me. Until the light of dawn, see as mean and let  awake safe and sound, each day to this Earth bound. Oh Mother Earth,  thank you so abound, for the food and beverage  bestow to resound, forprotection and girth and everything done for us from birth. We offer you thanks, love and mirth, as we eat our bounty, Mother Earth. Blessed am I for I am God's Jesus Christ child. Blessed am I for I have been created In God’s likeness both tame and wild. Help when someone is ill waited and needs health, so pleaded, when finances are bad and money is needed, when someone is having  problems so had or other problems - restore or regain through dreams and feelings what's been lost. More so than the ritual remain, it is the mention that makes it work host. Have you ever thought about the sensuality and like? The course of time will have revenge on those may committed atrocities to hike. Black, white, red and grey harkens the rune to say. Four points of the circle weave the spell today: East, South, North, West tall to tell sweet and sour. East is for the red for the break of the day, South is for white for the noontide hour, In the West is twilight grey and I thinking of insight anew. Have lit black for the place of pray. Candle is for few. If you were sad or down tidals and bays send  consolation thought or yellow for sunnier days. If your life is in a state of chaos brought, choose serenity and peace prom. Black absorbs all colours and negativity in every season, directed back to the nothingness where it came from. Black also stands for knowledge as for some reason it absorbs all and the mind that absorbs all it perceives becomes wise. Something amazing: air sweeter and more kind; runes or symbols focus intent that moves specif rise. Focus energy on bringing money and abundance. Clean and realign vibration in home bring, if have so many ideas, feel overwhelmed iridesence, result is tending to do nothing. Happiness and abundance, consume all worry and insecurity that keep from pursuing dreams’ incandescene. Does not take genius to see that purity in soft sensation of sleep gleefully and purposefully move; treat general, benevolent keep, compassionate, smooth, soothe at first intermittent, lasting few minutes, gradually becomes constant calm, patience, often limits - it all goes away – eventually instant! For a moment ceased completely remedies, natural cures, suggestions and inevitably reassurance obsoletely that this would all pass in time congestions. As order in life restore everything will harken in two until don't know what to do more. Come right see too more and abundant blessings free and abounding a thousand score. Shower God's blessings joyfully and what was broken will be unbroken afore three'd ones may free in return appealed. Wounded will be healed; with what secret will no longer be concealed. The truth will be realised by fair token sealed. In the name of God almighty seeings who commands all sacred and secular beings, Gods, goddesses, angelic & sentient beings, there are humans, animals, raised and lowly creatures meanings. Hallelujah, Amen. May God's will be done. One, two, three so may it be now and then. Three, two, one this will be done. Praise to God must follow as a matter of necessity. Remain friend so will not feel blue. You are true and so is God eternally in every hue. Loyal the way any good friend should be mend, you are perfect, friend; thus friendship devoid of lies will never end; candlelight beacon to bring friendship and sensual contend to men, another person to be friends commitingly pray to God to cast blessings to anyone in need thereof; bring love and money; protect surround with love, complete serenity synergy. Acknowledge grief and give forgiveness. Release negative energy, include positive energy. Let passion burn only for forgiveness in giveness. I wish I may, I wish I might, by letter, have the wish I wish this nightly tether for the change (for the better) of whosoever or whatsoever. This night ask and by the flame, ask the last seven brightest stars in the sky, light the flame hold high your name, by nightfall stars and dusk, oh sky. By sunrise clouds and dust soon, by full waning & waxing moon, by sunset after and afore the noon, may all be well in its boon. God's grace is almighty. Amen. Whosoever gains unfairly most until will lose, but when? Far more than gained is less lost. Say name in wind to blow to starred bow, reflected in horizon to bask intrepidness in shimmering moonbeam on a rainbow array of endless raindrops hymn. I'm wishing you blessing of solid gold under shimmering moonbeams on a rainbow array of untold; may the spirit of the Great Father seem endless raindrops to fulfil your dreams too; bless you and help you in restoring your home and you, He is watching and will help you and may you be safe from harm. Blessed do. Be honest with God what happened. Open symbolic lock to the golden doorway, ask elements to guide you thus sharpened, earth and fire is to water and air here and away. Ask elements to protect you stagnant and ridden. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensBeam of light clear. Bubbles expand and set hidden until fully completed relaxed and satisfied there and here. Blow out candles in circle mature; presence leaves to go towards light. Glass returns to nature. Dear Lord, please restore peace and grant good like flight. All our lives we search for future that we can't find. Life is not always what it is made out to be; rather be an honest loser than a deceitful winner’s mind. The ironical beauty in disillusionment is contrary that one is not only sadder, but wiser son. Being condescending does not make one become a better person pending. You do not have to buy my friendship - you already have my reluctant affection not to lose; some you win, some you lose in hardship- rarely this is who you choose; Rather, to repeat, be an honest loser than a deceitful winner. This is so pedestrian. I am feeling cynical, arbitrate; not in tune with symphonic spinner,  attuned with revenge and yet will not obliterate. Pedantic disillusioned Quean neutral-neural compare algorithm rhythm and thesis synthesis; permissible miss crossover ware, salutation solution offers irrational irritation analysis. Love, light, hope with light, peace and happiness get in the rhythm, candle lit, of the algorithm - be thankful for dark & fleece, for many wonderful things in life albeit. Sensation mention, no delusion, but illusion in profusion: IT HAS BEEN CONCLUDED THAT THIS IS THE CONCLUSION. Candle bright wishes you a sprightly eve after a weary night.

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