Soulfuly Sensual

Being sensual is not inherently sinful


Optimally improved health benefits of nudity and sensuality, in correlation with restrictions imposed by morality

Posted on May 12, 2010 at 12:15 PM

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Cells on the surface of the skin can derive nourishment directly through membranes. With clothing surface area is minimised rather than greater. Oxygen and hydrogen intake from the air and absorbing vitamin D from the sun increases optimally in a nude state while adequate intake of water assists the digestive tract. There is no need to be ashamed of your body and no reason why you should not show it off. If you are comfortable about being nude you should not worry unduly about what others think. You can be proud of who you are in every sense of the word. You can feel good about who you are and about the body you live in without having to hide it. Nudity much like many other things is a normal state of being. Many activities performed nude could not be performed clothed. People who take offence to others being nude do not have to feel compelled to look at those who are nude if they are not as aware of the advantages also ignoring that pride is mistaken profanity. Sand and bacteria collect in bathing suits also dust and mites can collect in clothing. You are beautiful from the inside, never mind what you look like on the outside, just feel free as your friends love you just as you are.

You don't have to waste time choosing what to wear if you choose to be naked, just a smile will do nicely. Imagens Para Orkut

Benefits include: Cleans sweat glands. Promotes absorption of vitamin D from the sun that help bone formation and regulates calcium. Increases ventilation. Enhances circulation. Increases peace, body awareness, strength & flexibility. Increased physical health is achieved by increased mental health in experiencing freedom of expression and movement. Hormones that induce general well being are stimulated. Less illnesses result from stress-free sensuality. Reduced stress and increased self esteem result from feeling better physically. Massaging in the nude promotes oxygenisation. Muscles are more adequately developed and strain on internal organs are reduced with no unnecessary constrictions, thus stimulating blood flow to internal organs and clearing of the intestines. Proper alignment and comfort is increased. Metabolism and digestion is improved as the waist is not constricted. Massage movement is repaired rather than impaired by less restriction at hipline. Less strain is placed on the back especially in females by underwear round the shoulders and torsoe. An occasional sensual massage provides sensory stimulation and has a revitalising effect indicating advantages. Health can be restored and preserved, strengthening muscles and nerves. With improved circulation respiration is unobstructed, breathing is more free, bones less likely to disease and muscles better developed. Less exposure to air decreases health and strength whereas increased exposure during massaging increases oxygenation by all cells and not just those in arms, legs and face, but those located near major organs lessening strain on lungs and improving vitality, also aiding in skeletal development. Imagens Para Orkut
It is good to be nude while you are having your sensual massage, because: It's more comfortable than restrictive clothing. Adam & Eve were created that way when Paradise was still perfect. People are both conceived and born that way. It's a healthy habit. Nudity makes you feel more free & open than had you been dressed. Saves you the unnecessary hassle of getting dressed & undressed. Others don't have to guess what's under your apparent apparel. You'll feel better about yourself and also about others. There is no need to be ashamed of your beautiful body. No hampering of blood flow improves ventilation & circulation. Awareness of perceiving nudity heightens intimacy. Being at one with nature is a pleasurable experience. Proportioning priorities promotes body acceptance. Discarding clothing is stimulating simulating of natural urges. Opens your mind to discarding responsibility. Alleviates boredom with an excitingly enticing perspective. Increases self esteem by dropping inhibitions. Promotes positive body image and emotional well being. Overcome fear of nudity and thus of rejection in acceptance. Enhance sublime sensuality & sensous sexuality in six senses implemented in sensual massage. Being nude while enjoying your massage does not denote b’ing embarrassed, it means b’ing proud of the unique individual you really are. God has made different people with different personality types with beauty being an individual preference. It seems that each individual can have a different biological make up and individual unique body. Secrets of the individual's character are found on face. Labels such as unique does not have to be synonymous with weird, but rather with novel. Fate has either dealt an amusing trick or a unique opportunity to imagine, if you will, what society would be like consisting only of sensual individuals who need not feel guilty as everyone has their own unique circumstances and you have to do as you feel comfortable and ethical. People should forget this whole perverted hypocritical society and get back to nature. Your own nudity does not also have to make you insecure in a different way. While, you may be pretty good at individual style sports, sensuality can be just as lucrative a form of recreation. But it is also to do with culture of a particular society, because of the norms and precendents set for different things. If God wanted us all to be the same, He would not have made us so different. A deal should be granted for people who would normally be reviled by society, isn't it? This free society should include freedom of what you say and do, too. Many individuals feel embarrassed to change around each other, so you should be proud of thinking original and being uniquely individual. Unique history is not only reflected in a conformation to society, but different divergent thinkers. But you may actually find value in having mates who are different from you in some ways. Being a pioneer in sensuality does not mean having to insist on conformity. The question as to how a person that is regarded as sinfully sensual can find love is also debatable as some may take advantage of such natural display by necessarily comparing sensuality with sexuality by comparison and association. Go nude when you have your sensual massage, I don't know what else you could do that would give you more satisfaction or make you feel more free. People that enjoy nude massage can come from all walks of life enjoying a privileged position in society amongst like minded people. Sensual massaging is a unique, tasty experience which usually consists of feeling at ease undressed. At first you may feel embarrassed that another person might see you naked; then if you are open about having a sensual massage you'll feel excited and liberated. Nudity does not have to imply vulgarity by massage playing with sweet tits and pelvic region of different size and shape, but enjoy watching the beauty of the nude body as you would also enjoy your masseuse gazing on you freely exhibiting your nudity. Engage in enjoying your nudity and feeling free to gaze between the legs or let your eyes wander over the beautiful breasts of your masseuse or the lovely curvature of a woman's vaginal lips and the formidable appearance of a man's penis without as much as having to avert your eyes knowing that you are among others who truly enjoy the beauty of the nude body. Ever come across anyone that's a hypocrite? Or someone that's judgmental? Or someone that wishes the wrath of God upon you? What makes people's lives so uninteresting that they would go out of their way to make lives unpleasant for other people by poking their noses into the next person's business? I have come across such people that feel so small about themselves that the only way they can appear great is by belittling the next person. Was Adam and Eve not created naked? Was it not for the serpent man would not have become aware of being naked, thus initially being clothed with fig leaves and thereafter taking wool off sheep in an effort to warm themselves or even removing the hide from animals to adorn themselves with costly leather jackets or worse still hunting down animals in an effort to create elegant fur coats. Can you see the correlation? Man is inherently selfish and disregarding of other species be they of human or animal origin.

Sensuality is not sinful, but moral justification of wrongs is, rather this is a God-given gift. Imagens Para Orkut

In Piers Plowman, Wisdom explains to Anima, Sensuality, . . . is clepyd the flesshly felyng. The fyue outward wittys to hym be seruyng; Whan thei be not rulyd ordynatly, The sensualite than, without lesyng, Is made the ymage of synne then of his foly. Imagens Para Orkut

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Reply Michael Rees
2:09 PM on October 6, 2012 
Yes!!! You are totally right.
I am a naturalist at home, I have NOT gone to the point of others seeing me in public.
I currently am receiving nude massages from a chinese lady who gave me massages at a place in a room. I wanted my buttocks massaged also, when no one was around checking, she pulled my oversized boxer pants down or underneath as she also massaged them from the top of the pants.
She suggested that she would do more if I could have her do it at my apartment.
It definately feels great and I am NOT ashamed of my body, but taking care of what God created. Including putting life food in a life body.
Sincerely, Michael. If you communicate, please verify no spam or I will NOT be able to answer you.
Reply Mary-Anne
2:05 PM on October 11, 2012 
Dear Michael,
That is simply marvelous, dear. I'm sure that you must have found that very enjoyable and your liberating perspective on being proud of your body and having good care taken of your personal needs, muscle tone & physique development is really wonderful, I agree with you completely. Thank you very much for your strong input.