Soulfuly Sensual

Being sensual is not inherently sinful




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Freud’s writing can make our lives’ delicacies

in their illusionments more awakened.

The Freudian writer enables us to enjoy our fantasies

without shame or self-reproach forsakened.

That portion of the libido that is described

according to its drive aim is arousal tones.

The most prominent parts of the body enscribed

from which the libido comes are the erogenous zones.

The urge gradually develops from surge

To successive contributions from partial drives.

Human sensual life consists of the urge

to bring our own skin into contact trives

with those of someone of the opposite gender.

Perceiving and touching appear in the process

as concomitant and introductory acts, so tender.

Sensual life encompasses function regress

of obtaining pleasure from zones of the body towards

a function benefiting service of production.

The first organ that appears from birth onwards

as erogenous zone is the mouth’s elocution.

The male renounces satisfaction of the drive

and creates substitute as fetish perplexes thrive.

The primal pleasure ego wants to introduce

everything good and expel everything bad.

The ego has repressed tendencies and blocked their use

from motor discharge to satisfaction had.

But the accomplishment of repression aroses

may be easily defeated by the sensual drives’ reformations,

contributing to inhibitions in character formations,

sensual perversions and difficulties with erotic life to go.

Their symptoms arose out of the fact

that sensual drive impulses had been repressed by the ego

and had created an expression tact

along detours through subconscious hives.

One was able to cope with this

by opposing self preservation drives to sensual drives

in accordance with business of the world abyss

kept going through touching blithe.

The libido was the expression of the force of contraction,

just as hunger was the expression of the self preservation drive.

In sublimation the original sensual drive finds satisfaction

in accomplishment that is no longer sensualy determined,

but socially or ethically more highly valued.

The libido of self preservation drives was termed

the narcissistic libido and a high level of such subdued

was acknowledged as the primal and normal phase consistence.

The social drives have not abandoned directly sensual goals,

but are kept from accomplishing by internal resistance

and content themselves with coming close to satisfaction wholes

in various ways and produce firm splendidness

and lasting bonds between people in kinship,

for example relations of tenderness

which are sensual in origin and emotions of friendship

which arise from sensual affection.

The libidinous sensual drives best summarized as Eros

preserve continuation of life and guide its detection

towards higher developmental ethos.

As sensual exploration circumscribed table

by physical development cannot be brought thinking

to gratifying conclusion lament results of not being able

to accomplish anything and succeed in anything.

The bond of intimacy is distracted by disappointment done,

by vain wait for gratification,

by stressby event that require relaxation.

Massage cures ever diminishing affection,

ever increasing demands and reprimands

and occasional rejection that ultimately sways,

revealing full measure of attending to unmet demands.

There is a recurring range of ways

in which massage typically is brought to an end.

The compulsion to repeat and direct duality

and pleasurable gratification of drives mend

seem to interconnect with each other in intimate mutuality.

While the benefit of massage unleashes a quantum

of sensual excitation which in the absence of apprehensiveness

if potentially beneficial in effect stratum,

simultaneous curing injury annexes in excessive excitedness

by making use of a narcissistic hypercathexis of affected organs.

Objective massage shows polarity of stress-and-relaxation strife.

A necessary component in the sensual drive can turn jargons

into a persuasion that dominates a person’s entire sensual life.

It also occurs as a dominant partial drive toss

in organization of sensual life termed having come of age.

The sensual drive which aims its object derives from Eros,

preserver of life in ancillary of sensual function in stage

taking possession massage object of

and destroying the object conterminously;

later the sensual drive separates off

and ultimately in the phase of genial primacy ominously

serves purpose by subjugating sensual objectification

to extent necessary for fulfillment of the sensual tact.

Where the primal element does not undergo mitigation

the outcome is an erotic life in fact

marked by familiar ambivalence between good and great.

Fear in what may be a sensually excited state deception

follows the mechanisms of a fascination of late

to secure itself against a revival of the repressed perception.

Some such behavior is not recognized retraction

as having the characteristic of a declaration of love.

There is more than one kind of sensual satisfaction

such as application of spirituality, rising as a dove

than the massage for sensual recourse,

representing a situation of sensual gratification.

As such the cure is said to be of course

more respectable than the conversation.

One must be convinced of unavoidable occurrences

of touching on sensual themes nurture

or else be prepared to be convinced by experiences.

As such vehement condemnation of perverse nature

of fantasies is not appropriate supplication.

Transgressions of sensual function exterior

must be regarded without indignation.

Sensual massaging was not only tolerated by culturally superior,

but even endowed with important social functions endorses.

Suppression of application to higher bereavements,

asensual goals in sublimation is destined to supply forces

behind larger number of cultural achievements.

Such antecedents can explain attitudes towards demands

made by erotic life with either unresisting abandoned stillness

to sensuality bordering on expression or repression & reprimands

of sensuality accompanied by emotional fulness.

There is a struggle between temptation to yield to courtship

and complex resistance to temptation ride

assembled from motives of respectability and good sense trip,

ambivalent impulses resulting from massaging and massaging ego pride.

The inability to satisfy the real demands of physical audacity

indicates physical condition dominated by intuition of

the opposition between reality and fantasy.

It is not possible to avoid suspicion

that excitements attached to ideas at bay

which are not capable of becoming conscious diffidently

act upon one another in a different way,

run a different course and manifest themselves differently

from those we refer to as normal tressed.

But this does not venture into the open as the prevailing mood

of modesty and respect keeps it repressed.

There are more reasons that determine pooʇsɹǝpun

why  pǝssǝɹdǝɹ thoughts and desires should escape votive

into memories since recollection of things long past all

is in itself facilitated by some pleasurable motive

that perhaps even this one day will be pleasant to recall.

Possibly being the superego speaking ergo

with sensual consolation to the inquisitive ego.

Charming adventure overture

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while I paint a picture of a massage for you.

Or with sensual massage, soft as can be

I could envisage massaging on you too.

Have you ever looked at people unmassaged

and tried to visualise them as lonely?

I'd like to see you in a towel robed

then I'd massage you to being homely.

Dreaming of exploring the unknown non-stop

leaving desolate path to watch waterfall's drop.

Could you imagine siamese twins

joined by fingertip to skin, perfectly timed?

That every finger step taken would convince

their relaxation with overall wellbeing to become entertwined.

In closeness feeling elation all day:

does the idea of a sensual massage not get you excited?

Or imagine with every word that you say

you're creating a massage with your lips: you're invited.

You may feel overwelming relaxation inherently

and can ultimately sense, but yet not see.

If you dial my number

would I answer the phone when in slumber?

If you send me a text

would fate determine what would happen next?

And if you persist

would your calls still be missed?

What may the case be

since I'll be making you

stronger, rather than week at the knee,

with your eyes closed, with your inner eyes for you to see.

Your eyes

also mesmerise.

How would Wordsworth compare

with that enchanting stare,

that relaxed smile

after a massage wherefore you would go the extra mile?

It will seem your destiny unfurled

when I came into your world.

I would have evoked some emotion

resulting in poetry in motion.

Whisper doth the moon, my massage, will it be soon?

If Mohammed can't come to the mountain

the mountain must go to Mohammed.

Your massage is as a fountain:

Vibrant with life in it.

If I'm your moon

your massage will have you feel like you're floating to me, like a balloon.

I can be your sky

Tears like rain you won't cry.

Your patience

is outweighed by common sense.

Although there may be a sigh,

What is low, ultimately, becomes high.

As your emotions submerge

your sensuality is shuddering on the verge.

I will forever be your moon

Though sometimes not visible at noon

But just wait for the night

& what was hidden will come into sight.

A MOMENT shared in the ocean of time

Unseen, unaware, yet infintitely sublime.

The most enchanting moon

arouses massage to swoon

The moon is as full

as the lust of a raging bull.

Do you feel the pull?

As the stars shine by night,

Ethereal comes into sight,

The light beckons gently,

Yet, yearning for relaxation aplenty,

Rising,without compromising

As you're fantasising

all you have to do is phone

as you're not all alone.

Passions shone,

but you are not gone.

You and me

have not defeated eternity,

there may have been sweat,

yet how quick a sensual massage will have you forget.

You're a special person & I wish you all the best,

even better when we'll meet as 1 goes east&another west,

but you, my dear, will put my massage to the test.

Make peace with your opposition.

If your heart's in pieces, forgive the imposition.

Whether you're involved or no

You do not have to answer conclusively.

Is that because you don't want me to go

& enjoy massaging, but are aroused already?

Even if you are in a relationship

Maybe, if only momentarily

You preferred my massage to equip,

how you can view the world differently.

If that's what you want,

there's no need to say goodbye,

Unless you'd prefer me to chant

I'll massage you, without a word of a lie.

I'm sending you my massage invite

accompanied by wishes for blessings contrite,

to ignite your spirit & light a candle in your heart,

so near, yet, even though, so far apart.

This feeling you can't keep bottled up any more.

So I'm sending u my massage invite, in case your heart's sore.

There's no need for denying yourself.

Don't be apprehensive, as health promotes much wealth.

That I may fall out of massaging with you.

I understand, because I anticipate the same massage too.

If someone massages you back

That doesn't mean you massaged them first.

Does that mean you need a massage, but not only on your back?

It will feel like your heart would burst.

Notwithstanding the massage, you'll realise even life is an illusion.

After all, how could you feel relaxed, but never have a massage

Just because you'll be needing some  sensuality after entourage.

Believe what you want to.

Believe what you feel in your heart.

What you want can come to you.

Like the throwing of a dart to a prelocated chart.

Massage can transcend time & spaces.

Your spirit could travel to far away places.

If you don't feel the same about massaging, as you could,

you can move on & in time fwonder about whether you should.

Maybe in time you will forget

Or even regret

What could've been

When your masseuse is nowhere to be seen.

I wish you well.

What will happen henceforth

Only time will tell.

As even the wind blows south or north.

I ask if you think a massage will be

a good idea, should you be feeling lacksidaisy.

So instead of a rose so lovely

I'm offering you a fmassage paisey.

In a full circle, where things begin, so also they end.

If a ligaments have been torn, what could then mend?

Every flower that blossoms in nature is not seen.

Sometimes things happen not as we wish could've been.

Even though time lapses between massages may be far apart

You can find though massage what is right in your heart.

To massage you've found the key,

Unlocked it & found sensuallity from me.

You're so clever, you're so smart.

Baby, your body must be massaged into a living work of art.

If anyone in the world I knew

Babe, I'm so glad that I massage you.

I'm also sceptical, control your urges, though you're well hung

& Question whether you'll be satisfied with massaging only done.

Even if you're old & not young,

I'd still place you on a throne.

Even if you were ugly

I'd still you as beautiful see.

I accept you unconditionally.

You're the only one for me.

What to do when the massage that's right for you

has been put off when today you can enjoy a massage and play.

You have one guess, do not guess again,

considering you're searching for perfection then

you're heading in right direction if you've enchanted

sweet dreams, may all your wishes be granted;

if your dreams don't come true, don't despair

as by all means, just for you, I'll always be there,

but your dreams and aspirations reflect true care

since massage viably affords reliable rewards, by compare,

thus I thank you so much for wishing me to massage you this good day

and I hope all goes well, for you, in work and play,

well now, as the day turns into night

may all your worries fly out of sight;

tell you, what, don't choose, don't refuse, don't lose

worth remembering valuable lesson don't cook own goose

yet our spirit is steadfast as a rock,

because your foundation is built on a block

provided you're not patronised by a woman in a frock

relinquishing after retaining key for every lock.

Just to let you know how much you're appreciated:

A massage will revive you, following flower's wilting t'was anticipated.

You will look fresh as a daisy though, with renewed power.

Sometimessensual massage has you blossom like a beautiful flower

but don't always last forever as is evident.

The sad thing about life is that nothing's permanent.

Yet, sharing a touching smassage will have you feeling better than before.

But it still remains relevant. Take care now, until you're back for more.

You should remain fairly ambitious; wish well your endeavours.

Seasons change, new health benefits blossom, earth itself tremors

Kind words are in transition evoking

both as massaging is inspiring & thought provoking.

Powerful presence of massage acquisition

is also evident in pphysique composition.

Please be assured of friendship,

kinsmenship & companionship.

Even for those dearly departed

to whom you may have devoted

requiem: in honour of those noble men

remember forever your prayer: Amen.

Don't cry.

The end of massage does not mean goodbye.

It is the means to becomgin a sweet prince.

A massage will take care of your physique, please convince.

I must admit ever since

the massage with me together

will stay in your memory now and forever.

What has been discarded

and described as mortal sin

has philosophy regarded

that where we ended so also we begin.

You will have no more feelings fof glee,

no longer empty is the cup from which you drank,

free is the buck that hath flee,

forever emersed is the ship that sank.

Unseeing is the gazing eye,

dull is the obscured bright,

massage will have you hidden marvels to aspy,

crooked branches will turn to tree upright.

Blue becomes mud at end of tide,

people believe what they hear & not see,

yet you won't feel sad e'en at yuletide,

invisibles are boarders of country.

Important's moved aside in time bide,

silent are words once fervently spake,

stationary now is ride as you abide,

what's been lost without cause or sake.

The eyes are closed below uplifted brow,

tired of trying are you,

no more living, merely surviving in eternal now,

not bothering any more knot to tie too.

No longer weep,

should you feel no more marvel at a favourite dress,

hardly pausing for rest or sleep,

seeking ugliness in loveliness.

If you're akin to woe,

moving far from what was close,

moving to, not fro, judging neither friend nor foe,

feeling prick of forms surrounding rose;

you do not own what you did rent,

having another caring for other,

in pent up feelings not repent,

not identifying with sister or brother.

Perhaps you ignore the sun, but notice the cloud,

breathe with increased heartbeat the air,

listening silently at proud boisterous loud,

having given up on trying to dare.

Maybe you have many in ignorance offended,

wasted in earning a living are thoughts of mind,

your life continues as a butterfly's cocoon ended,

rising in flight, of necessity leaving burden behind.

Be strongly attracted to person's original side

Yet liaison won't last, because person won't abide.

When confronted with daily routine

It will tend to become unstable & person unseen.

Because no longer fed by passionate mean

And excitement that characterized the begin.

Sometimes the sharp break with ties from the past

such as because of a move could make you feel lost,

but will have positive effect free old conditioning

and enable new roots without subjugated wishing

with enriched understanding of world that's too fast.

Transformation's yet possible

inasmuch as change is rife:

what you don't know is that you'll ever find as noble

a massage to complete this jigsaw of you life,

as in relaxation you turn down massage path

after wanders nocturnal,

wondering at maze of intelligence opposed with

dejection of ephemereal.

With some of above,

regardless of circumstances permit,

cordially coming from sensuality's treasure trove:

Fancy a cordial invitation to sensual massage benefit?

I remain, in sensuality, spirituality & sponateinity

truely yours sincerely

albeit responsibly & discerningly,

with affection accordingly.

You may have felt used, then convenienty cast aside,

living, yet not having a place to stride,

in incongruous non-conformity,

assigned to iniquity of inferiority.

In entramorphic expression

comparing human traits of peacefulness & aggression,

imperatively emphasizing misconception

& relying eventually on redemption,

lacking sufficient security

& constantly eluded by prosperity,

not considering what should favour priority,

continually opposed with difficulty.

you may be scared to meet me in reality,

as you may visualise your massage differently

from what if & what I say

& you may disappointment convey.

Your massage may be different from how you visualise too

& you may possibly be not disappointed too,

either way just dream of a sensual massage for you,

wishing without doing, without any further ado.

Thus I suppose to avoid such atrocity

I can't touch you to evade catastrophy,

although in reality such masterful relation

could be wistfully a sensual massage to sustain.

The thought, though incomprehensible, appeals to thee,

but some stones are better left unturned, you see.

I sincerely hope you don't mind me

expressing my opinions & resolutions on massage so elaborately.

Furthermore in revolving world of evolving calamity,

nobody truely understands resolving you

& I doubt if anyone ever will, knowing strife

& confess to never having had a massage in your life

An ode to a virtual stranger

being a friend I'm offering  a massage to you won't regret,

who I'm in danger

of regarding as a pet.

If last night you could not sleep,

Instead I thought of you.

The memory of your massage you keep.

Tender as a flower embraced by dew.

The fire

of your desire

cooled to ember.

It's been a while, you remember.

Is it that you can't explain

why your heart is in pain.

Can you feel what's not real?

Two can live a dream

no more than capture a sunbeam.

Dreaming of my sensual massage, for you

Is like drifting on a cloud.

Someday you will remember my massage too

& say my name out loud.

Imagine me massaging you, amongst hand in hand

Into a state of relaxation, akin to a faraway land.

Gazing upon embers of fire at night.

Let all your worries go out of sight.

Making a wish upon a star.

Having relxation resulting from massaging near even though aspirations may be far.

I know

of your stress you need to let you go.

As much as numbers don't end at nine,

worries won't be forever thine.

I massage you.

That much is true.

You inspire me

To write massagy.

What inevitably goes up

Invariably must come down.

Drinking from an empty cup.

Trying to erase a frown.

Is it destiny of the heart

To miss a massage in part?

Should you feel, you've gone astray.

The night is yet to turn to day.

The fragrance of a flower

Once picked evaporates.

How can you progress one hour?

Masage ensures your stress abates.

Even if you feel you have all the stress in this world

Maybe one day you'll realise how much you need a massage, even at hour eleven.

Until such time may your physique guide you

And I hope sometime you'll join me for a massage too.

I don't know what it is about you

Of the million or so about whom I don't feel the same

As my heart has gone out to you

& I will forever treasure your name.

Please don't let your muscles be cold.

Let's not reminisce on what could've been.

In case you haven't been told,

Have a massage. That's what I mean.

Massaging you is a rendesvous.

I'm so into massaging you.

If in a past life your fortune was one, now it will double to two.

Massaging is like de ja vouz.

Following a rainbow,

Reaching for a pot of gold.

A nightingale after sunset at morn,

Dreaming dreams to adorn.

Pursuing the trivial in this world

As destiny into full circle has curled.

Let this be your little secret.

A warm nest away from the cruel world.

Whether you care for massage a lot or just a bit,

You're worth more to me than the most precious gold.

You're the one that I wish to hold.

And so the tale unfurled.

As yet history before was told.

To me your well-being mean the world.

Yet don't despait if others find you vile.

And treat you with ice cold denial.

Please just dial me for a while.

So you may once again smile, let me massage you for a while.

I wish you were here with me for real

for me to keep you warm & hold you tight.

Massaging in  my arms you'd feel

safe & protected throughout the long, cold stormy night.

Yes, I have a sensual massage, baby, for you.

Just how you will wish that you would lhave a massage too.

You're the only one that appeals to me.

May massaging relax you & benefit you for all eternity.

I massage you so much, my darling

Although it's a massage you'll never regret.

Your face will be forever smiling,

a picture I won't quickly forget.

The fact that you've read about my massage online

Is something you'll never regret.

You're unique & so divine.

Please don't ever fret.

You could become zealous,

as having a massage would be marvelous.

When I massage you I'll try

My very best not to cry.

I became scared as you stared then

no darling a massage only, no if and when. :/

My massage for you is transluscent

fluent, luminescent

efervescent, fragrant as scent.

It's as though your massage is heaven sent.

Why is it so wrong when it feels so right?

Feelings expressed lyrical song, soul enveloped flight.

My massage has become the object of your affection.

Yes, you no longer have to put up with rejection.

Baby, after my massage, you'll be the image of perfection,

But my sincerity you question.

Love your creativity, an artist of sculpting your body, for all eternity.

Do you want to be free or even more so massaged by me?

Yet you think I have audacity,

Approaching you with tenacity.

You gaze at the night sky

And picture me in you mind's eye

Your massage is near, massage is love,

As is a descending turtle dove.

The moon is rising,

so uncompromising,

seemingly preoccupied,

not conquered, though often tried.

The desires of the heart

are not easy to share,

for often depart

those who dare

and on those barren rocks apart

unchartered territory even for those who care.

If I were a spider I would spin

a web with massaging for you to always win.

I noticed the moon today

beckoning for you to come & play,

masasge by the light of the moon

from starlight until noon.

To the moon your spirit may fly,

massaging will make you free as a bird & you're the sky,

defiant, yet radiant,

defeating any gradient,

your eyes can once again glimmer,

lit by the moon's shimmer,

so filled with life

with no more strife.

Massage will have gladness enter your heart

here in spirit, though through massaging not physically apart.

Yes, let's play


For tomorrow brings its own sorrow

You I'd like to borrow

To you me I'd lend

If only you'd a massage comprehend.

Let's twist & turn;

Let's experience things learn;

Aspire to new sight;

With all our might.

Hours are rich,

As minutes we cherish.

Benefits of massage is everlasting,

While moments are fleeting,

Let me show you how

Forever can become now.

Let's not wait for tomorrow

As a sensual massage is more striking than cupid's arrow

Shooting from his bow

It's to sensual massage we'll bow.

If you were still a boy,

You'd be playin' with your favourite toy;

If you were a hunter forlorn,

You'd be blowing on your horn;

If for your sweetheart you did long,

You'd be singing a sweet love song;

If you were a deer would you hear the horn,

As you were lost for scorn;

If you were a dear to those you've known,

Would you in return compose a poem?

If you were toying faster than lightspeed with idea,

Would materialisation thereof cause you to fear?

If you were the heart contemplating love,

Would you be oblivious to clouds above?

If you were ensnared in the hunter's net,

Would you have sworn to forget;

Who you were & could've been or would you've in memory,

Remembered even as the eyes no more can see;

Would you have been away & gone or have confided in me,

Of in anguish 'fore day is gone having wanted to flee?

I realise full well that in massage would you then completely

succumb, should you feel burning desire for me,

simultaneously being preoccupied in apprehension

of your interest, as much as your rejection,

wondering if a massage will have you be who you want to be,

or you don't, both which would be ideally,

as you're wary & resistant to closeness,

as much as in solitary existence experience loneliness,

though imperatively cherishing deserving

solitude, experiencing ambivalent feelings conflicting,

undefined imminent morality

& unresolved physical sensuality,

often well intentioned would,

but more so often misunderstood,

in issues evading,

whilst in non-conformance pervading.

You want a massage, yet you're not sure if you're keen,

but contact me re. a massage before I log in.

I wish for you to have a massage from me

but you're scared of being hurt emotionally;

you feel imperfect as the world we live in, yet your energy in fact

& innate inner strenght a massage can profoundly impact.

Nobody understands you for you are the eternal child,

at times unloved & dejected, although mild,

are you talented, yet a dismal failure, not authorative,

unwittingly contributing to demise, wanting assertive,

yet unable to relate to another,

in me you have found a kindred spirit to discover,

massaging to grant you pleasure within you,

although knowing in reality it's a dream come true

I'm trying to explain feelings emerging from my soul,

seeking to ultimately restore your life, making you whole

Right now your simple, yet complicated whole

is akin to a square peg in a round hole,

 betrothing charm in trepadation,

awaiting in omission & remission of your perspiration;

with stormy currents of emotion & penitence,

pervading below your seemingly placid appearance,

in disagreement of innocence

& desires unbridled in deliberance.

Wow, with regards to issues, so exciting,

what if I a massage was intentionally inviting?

Should I try & entice you?

Would you perhaps unintentionally enjoy a massage too?

With roaring like a lion & thunder, sighting

a passionate current strike like lightning,

exhileration electrifying may cause storm to erupt

from this planet right to Venus, abrupt.

Attach importance to success over & above defeat,

so apt is expression, as I massage you from head to feet.

Your desire attraction & desire for sensual massage by name

is like that of a moth to the flame,

knowing in serendipity, precariously,moving curiously,

you could get terminally scorched without further ado,

yet you're hopelessly overcome by attraction massaging has for you,

as you find my sustained, inherent sensuality

irresistibe & provocative, ultimately,

feeling absolutely cautious, yet impusively,

spectacularly fascinated by your strong virility,

at the very same time wanting,

yet, in incarnation, objectively fearing,

a subjective response from you being

scared of the very thing you want much, knowing

while sensual massage undeniably experiencing.

You will easily make contact with your beauty ideal

which you will project into what is real

or on me whom massages youwithout being aware

of the illusionary side of what is there.

You could even be so occupied with seeing,

the beautiful images in your mind being,

that you could refuse to see,

constraining reality as it be.

Romantic deceptions are frequent under astral influence,

because there is a tendency to idealise any innuendo

and not recognise your faults aghast

only to be later disenchanted once this period has passed.

Mechanistic philosophy's akin to insomniac count sheep,

Filled with apprehension for deep anticipated sleep

Unsuspecing of what could be expected in matters heart

With collapsing of the common sense in being apart.

Mechanically dependable is wheel in circumference,

The wheel of fortune's susceptible to interference.

Man is able, ever evolving & adjustable I can tell

Though within large universe frequently under a massage t feel well,

Assuming the self possible source lost in obscurity,

Perceiving massaged image & reflections at liberty

Emotions remaining fluid in each possible meaning face

Understanding reality moving image of your body as a sensual place

Of seemingly integrated relationship could be disgrace,

When in universe abandoning ration moving too fast pace

Rationalist view contructing relative values in array

Begging for beloved to stay & in later idealism also play

In affectionate subjectivism volunteering as you crave

to expressing meaning in your own experiences of a heart so brave, 

As positioning in massaging proposition behave,

Regarded sensuality beautiful quathe in massage to bequathe.

Would you cross an ocean just to hold me tight?

Or climb a mountain for me to massage you every single night?

If you were a good swimmer you'd forever cross the sea.

And overcome a mountain for a massage from me for all eternity.

Through massage I could take your thoughts away

to a far away island by day,

gazing at the horizon & panorama,

strolling on the beach,

while I cherish a banana,

& you taste a delectable peach.

When you're in the mood for massage

oh, please, would you think of this as dance?

You know I will massage you so.

Please don't ever let the thought of a sensual massage  go.

You can fixated all your relinquished emotions on me.

If you don't want a massage, please don't tell me you dont' feel glee.

My massage will take your dreams far away,

So you could be alone with me for an hour or every night & every day.

I'll warm your cold feet and heart

& you'd be in tears if ever I had to depart.

Truely you don't need to have a world of wealth.

As your health is a wish of good fortune, all by itself.

I'll afford you the sweetest dreams,

Even is you don't have the financial means.

Yet I take the greatest pleasure

Just by your body with me massage to treasure.

You're worth more to me than all the gold

& Captivate my attention more than any tales of old.

I belong to you

& I belong to me.

Your sould and body are locked together too,

So inseperably.

Your hands are so creative, your lip,

So sensual to the touch.

Ev'ry time I massage you, gently touching the hip,

you will feel amorous & aroused. You want this massage so much.

Baby please

BABY Please

Don't feel that I am sUCH a TEASe.

I knew

You're worried I might find some one new

& maybe I WILL,

but then


u know I'll massage you still,

he may have a sensual massage from me too,

yet then again my thoughts will be of you.

Sadness prevails,

as a boat away sails.

I've you've been met with contempt

, that's cause you haven't met me, when it's well that I meant.

Why can't you too

find someone who can massage you that's true,

oh, I'll massage you, without further ado.

Some moments in life are far more treasured

Such as a precious pearl in the ocean of time

Enhanced only by a sensual massage measured

As fate doth creaateth beautiful inspiring rhyme.

How the days come and go

Been and gone since time here

In the sweet course of fate

It is again that time of year.

In the strangely conceited course of deliberate fate

Sometimes for mere patience it's much too late

Some things are just over before they had begun

If you have knowledge to understand all the secrets, but one.

Until you join me for a massage, I'll live in hope,

Unless you say nope.

Maybe I'll mope

Or finally one day massage another oke.

But baby, I sincerely hope it's you.

Until then & thereafter my wish for for your well-being remains true.

Please don't make me blue.

Just say YOU want me to massage you too!

Is it too much to ask

to render a task

of me massaging you?

Could I ask that of you?

Everybody triumphantly underline perplexity;

Give passionately of beautifully intertwined mind.

Time has personality of dignity and respect for complexity;

Sometimes hesitation confirms, whereupon remind.

Sensationally sensual senses

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The purely materialistic conception of the universe no longer satisfies

as mystery of life cease to be abstractions tries.

Out of the ordinary personalities will attract you

symbolizing your need for independence and originality too.

Contextually your massage could become place for reunion

of people sharing ideas as in union.

The quality of your sleep may change

populated with various remarkable dreams to arrange

that leave a strong impression

when you wake up from depression.

It is normal for powerful subconscious energies to emerge

as turning a page in your life and changes will surge,

but the process is so subtle in effects

that it could be some time before you notice the defects.

Would you cross an ocean just to hold me tight?

Or climb a mountain to be with me every single night?

If you were a good swimmer you'd forever cross the sea.

And overcome a mountain to experience tbenefits of massage for all eternity.

Some moments in life are far more treasured

Such as a precious pearl in the ocean of time

Enhanced only by massage true measured

As fate doth createth beautiful inspiring rhyme.

In the strangely conceited course of deliberate fate

Sometimes for mere patience it's much too late.

Some things are just over before they had begun

If you have knowledge to understand all secrets, but one.

Life's grand show is eternal

Sunrise somewher is ephimeral

As round earth turneth

So we learneth

Life is lost in uncaring way

As time steals away

The present day

Past memory will stay

As rare things vanish

In summer, blossoms we reliquish

Autumn is wasted with rain

As what has blossomed will not bloom again.

Those who come in future, we know not who'll they be

Grieving in vein for those they cannot see.

You are longing for lasting

Yet only ephemeral has value in enchanting

Transitory, briefly existing

Waterbody evaporates after precipitation of snow melting

Forever in the world there is change

Always some things are out of range.

Appreciate infinite length of a day

as soon what was will go away.

We experience in fleeting world once & never again

But beyond undoing things will never be the same

Two puzzle pieces oppose to compete

Correctly positioned may make life complete.

Each moment prevails in own beauty as every tower

Perceiving picture now & never again another hour

Time becomes forgotten as fire becomes cold

As even kind friends have tendency to become old.

Between the core and the peel ripe is the fruit

Irreverent moments when devoured become forever mute

Clouds rising, hovering in space

Are suddendly there, then gone without a trace

The matrix of cosmic realisation is surging

As our reluctant acceptance of reality is emerging.

Memories clustered in consciousness are rooted in time forever

As days are remembered, then moments and then finally never.

Constant expansion exists in exchange & experiment

Adventure too inquisitive may cause patience detriment.

It is as futile to hold back or dissuade coming of flowers

Or fruition or downward stream flow as seconds inevitably turn to hours.

We rely on subconsious

inasmuch as we heed conscience.

Limited time brings transcience

as plants arrive in ambience.

Creativity in search for a world that is better

Is an effort guided as assembling word from letter

Vision of paradise & glorious future expectations

Provides hope for the future in the heart of all nations.

The future is as unexpected as a daytime moon

Inconspicuous, but misplaced, coming too soon.

Nobody can stop the inevitable flowers, rain & seasons

Sometimes events occur regardless for intended reasons.

Snow covers mountains.

Cold rivers form from fountains.

Freezing intentions.

Oblivious to interventions.

As time is ripe some things doth appear

As flowers may come early in spring this year.

Humanity's seeking of understanding will disappear

As changeable patterns in world pass here.

Imagine this world just heralded as passing through

With illusions of permanence prevalent in all we do

Well disguised fiction is what we tend to believe

As fate lacks eclipse & tends to deceive.

Astoundingly striving to be with the present content

As fate comes too late in future time lent.

Artful purpose of stopping time astonishing

Content with right & wrong diminishing.

Roses can no longer be gathered in winter's snow

Only by evening we can appreciate splendid day glow

Deserts wait far yonder for rain for all eternity

Milestones, not moments, foresaking you and me.

There is a kind of immorality

In absolute power of eternity

Flowered mountains have caused rock fall

Perpetually changing environment influence all.

Some plants flourish in conditions where others don't

Some humbled attempt to quit, while others won't

The tides doth diminish & rise again

Pyramids have been conjured through writing of a pen

Since time immemorial the hummingbird was heard to sing

And even into oblivion will be sighted on its wing.

Time devoted to favourite activities increases importance.

This way of life awaiting in due season increases significance.

Continuum of life instinctively progresses towards full circle.

Yet in imagination one lifetime is incomplete for many an oracle.

How far from the beginning is the end?

What will remain when we cease to pretend?

Youth is by far mellower to extend.

Loss of flowers gained in fruits may offend.

Herewith bequaths and ode to the transient hour;

To the fire of spring devouring the bud to evolve into the flower;

To fables agreed upon considered as history;

To summer fading as winter gains its victory.

As the splendours of summer subside,

The winds after storms don't abide.

As night comes the day will hide;

Waves along the shore are pushed aside.

Fate should be regarded cautiously, yet reverently

as the world continually revolves around axis fervently.

The concept of hastening the future is incomprehensibly

actually fading as the virtual is required more urgently.

Fate obtains much delight

in the dreams of man by day & night.

Sand through the hourglass does not disappear from sight,

but broadens understanding deciphering&distinguishing wrong from right.

There is some degree provided of delightful anticipation,

Although nothing remains permanent in God's creation.

Time may be measured irrevocably by hours,

As inspiration may be obtained from passing flowers.

Perspective may be gained on passing of time demure.

Boundaries of past are exceeded by fate determining future.

In a world that's forever eternity will arrange

our reluctant knowledge & acceptance of change.

Prediction is complicated by future uncertainties.

Structure of winter and fall is more stable than democracies.

This may result in feelings of loneliness in winter's snow

As fate often does not indicate appropriate course to follow.

Whether the weather may change in an hour, day or night;

When precisely the trees may wither in past & future right;

Why leaves fall and shooting stars are an inevitable sight,

What perpetually mazed seasons increase

s nothing abides, so no person does perpetually grow.

Fragments broken cannot be similarly assembled again.

Extensive degrees are inevitably required for melting snow.

Fate transforms less then we require, more often then we know, but when.

Tomorrow's flowers result from activities today.

What happens now was borne of yesterday.

The all can only be measured in relation to nothing.

Concealed beginnings replace another ending.

Impenetrable fortresses wield many secrets untold.

Incapability of comprehension relies on fate to unfold.

Nothing is required to serve as an indifferent interlude.

Clocks ticking may not be interrupted even by the prude.

Have you realised with some degree of precipidation

That you have put off the necessary resulting in procrastination?

Opportunity inevitably produces sublime feelings of elation.

Appreciation of fate knocking on the door is regarded with anticipation.

Around every circle encompassed a world of nature

as every beginning irrovacably in end doth mature.

Ironically obtusively manure is plant's prerequisite nurture

as awaiting fate may be elation or mere torture.

Events often occur in manner mysterious.

Predetermined fate may at times seem dilerious.

Balancing weights of apprehension is at the most precarious.

Colours may dull & dimensions broadaned in ways various.

The pleasantly humourous could also become hilarious.

Delightful acquaintances held too long comply, but are too serious.

The laborious ticking of the clock fleetingly obscuring forever

may be heard over streams of waves revealing sandy treasure.

As currents diminish depth of water does not stay the same.

Thus despite the passing of time so eternity will remain.

The past is as irrevocably unchangeable

as growth & transformation are arrangeable.

What one sees in the mirror is deceptive

unless to renewal one becomes receptive.

Time & patience provide a certain ambience.

Instead of attachment practice lenience.

Gratitude for each day is sufficient,

although past denial & future belief may be ambivalent.

Yet the eternal now is omnipotent.

Each forgotten day will with long distance also bring

unexpected surprises found in exciting everything.

What belongs to others is unfortunately not ours

yet all may experience joy of summer flowers.

Participation may result in renewed vision.

Also solitary moments are required for revision.

Only on realisation can an important path start.

Then after trivial happenings sadly we depart.

Time does not wait for instantaneous gardens flourishing.

Repetition bears reluctance in permanence reliquishing.

Achieving the great may in due course be detrimental

As soon enough future considerations become eventual.

Beginning with a dream, missing the best is often consequential.

It is impossible for all important events to occur simultaneously.

Memories of the past also offer consolation timeously.

Nature can only be enhanced by imagination.

Thoughts are conditioned to induce collaboration.

Enchantment is portrayed in life's every celebration.

Influencing another provides some compensation.

Some days lasting longer is just cause for elation.

Thinking & being comes with patience & participation.

The perennial may only be savoured occasionally on the way.

Life's memories are also gathered into a beautiful bouquet.

A butterfly can hardly be captured as much as forgotten.

Growth may be exciting yet uneaten fruit become rotten.

Dynamics of glancing backward & forward too much

could result in not noticing what's here now, as such.

It is forever now in the gift of the present

bestowed on all, be they royalty or peasant.

Sometimes a person wishes to be elsewhere far,

but rather must be content with where they are.

Actions may be repeated if not initially done right

as opportunities abound, but are often out of sight.

What is life but a garden bright & green?

What is the future but a forest yet unseen?

What are mysteries but where we haven't been?

Can any decipher what perpetual fate could mean?

Humbly thank God for existence as of today's date.

Reverting to lamenting on the past will happiness dissuade.

Even tiny creatures have capacity to become great.

Anything is possible in some whimsical twist of fate.

No great things happened suddenly any more than they would.

No desire was quenched any more than fate could.

For flowers first to blossom could be considered as good.

Fruit plucked before ripened could worsen the mood.

Patience is a virtue, so it's understood.

Irrespective of whether you may know it or not

The seed of destiny's planted although we forgot.

Uncut diamonds are undiscovered or discarded

As life's irreverent perspective is often disregarded.

When gathering daisies we no more desire a rose

Than wishing for snow in summer breeze I suppose.

Although what we desire in due season grows

Sometimes what we first wish for are not those.

Fate offers a unique perspective on celestial sight

Seemingly glorified by the sun's light

Unparallaled in glory, reflected as a dream

Idealisation is not as at fist it may seem.

By night light fades until we can see no more.

Endless pursuits have many hearts tore.

Yet moments may result in instant realisation.

Miracles are possible through divine comprehension.

Tempt fate until the day is done.

Endure the cold to appreciate the sun.

Fate could be cruel, but also sublime

Offering as present part of time.

Naughty, but nice

If it's me you need,

the sensual massage is guaranteed.

You'll be back on track

after I treat your back.

Relaxation guaranteed

while I attend to your need.

Get your muscles in motion

& dispell pent -up emotion.

After relaxation

you'll experience elation.

No pun intended

Feeling splendid?

No pun


if you spend it

on fun.

Over 21?

No refun!

Over 40?

Only if you're naughty.

Over 104?

Sorry, there's the door.

Pse. don't cry.

I'll sing you a lullaby.

But before you're off to bed

I'll keep those fingers practicing on your massage instead.

If you're tired of playing, may I won't join you in bed.

Or would you txt me instead as I'm easily misled?

If you don't bother to reply, then so long & good bye.

IYoushould have known

you'd falll in love with a beautiful poem.

May your blessings be forever many

& your troubles few

May your days, if eventful,

be filled with all things bright & beautiful.

With extra special wishes for your dreams, once fulfilled,

along all pathways to be delightful.

You should believe what you feel in your heart,

as you're a special person

and massage can transcend time & spaces

leading your spirit to far away places,

therefore it is possible for sensuality to be blind

when following your heart instead of your mind.

May God be with you

in all you endeavour to do.


I'm sure you'd be a tremendous companion

with tenacity, intelligence, determination,

passion for performance combined with a pleasant nature.

Does that accurately sum up your personality's composure?

Guess I just like to read between the lines occasionally.

Best of luck & may your endeavours be successful in totality

that you may experience good fortune in all you set out to do,

as good people like u automatically attract positive energy too.

Notwithstanding cold weather

we can spend time having a massage together.

You'll see

an hour with me

will have you

feeling like new.

Pamper your fine muscle tissues

& forget about other issues.

Spending quality time

will be completely sublime.

Just rest,

put me to the test

& let me do the rest.

Put me to the test

& you'll agree I'm the best.

Feeling lonely, sad or blue?

Remember I'm here for you.

If there's anything I can't do

don't call Winnie the Pooh.

Only a massage from me will do.

Imagine sailing on the sea

while spending time with me.

Now you can

feel like a new man.

Dream theme:

When we enter the

world of dreams

it means

it's mysterious,

yet flirtatious,

provoking the conscious mind

to submit to the subconscious find.

If you are inclined per rumour

to a sense of humour

your dream

may seem


yet hilarious,

which may have been ironical

had it not been seen as cynical.

It is truely fascinating

awaiting your dream,

in the dreamworld participating

for as long as it may seem.

Your perceptions depending

whether amicable or condescending


along divides:

Will your dream

like a sun beam

be terrific

or to deem

as specific?

There is no escaping

your conscience

when participating

in memories,


or dreams.

Should you consider it funny

to fall asleep count a bunny

if you count to one

consider it fun,

but careful counting hares,

'cause those may are chased by nightmares.

How do you feel moved

as you consider how far removed

are dreams from reality?

For the instablility

in the world of dreams

alludes to no escaping reality

and all that it means.

You must admit

when you submit

to your massage, as though it were a dream

it's not a bit

like clicking submit

on a compter screen.

The dream

should it mean

or had it been

a realm unseen

would indicate

future, present & past

for as long as your dream massage may last.

Are you inspired,

when really tired,

by your dream mood

whether bad or good?

Your physique

may be unique,

but as far as a massage dream

it may seem


but won't do



participation of


it is really


You do not have to inherit

an accommodating spirit,

nor mind,



may have in mind.

For in massaging you will find

unified body, spirit & mind.

Your mind may seem

a muddle

as you step into the puddle

then realising it's only a dream.

Are you

puzzled by

your dream?

Do you lie


what it

may mean?

Or are you


by a recurring dream?

Or horrified

by nightmares

that wake you

with a scream?

Dream reality

cannot appearing anguished

easily be distinguished

from absolute reality

when the flames of desire

as a burnt out fire

are extinguished.

Of course

you can ride a horse,

but be careful of nightmare

that can also carry you from here to there.

Lucid dreams

may seem so real

it may make you feel ill

at ease

unless yourself you squeeze

to see if you're awake

or another dream to take.

Was that

the alarm's warning beep

or a hat

on a sheep

you were counting

drifting into sleep

or feeling sheepish

waking up from sleep?



if you dare,

but beware

for the nightmare

at which you stare

can carry you off into the night,

bringing all your troubles in sight

& waking you with a horrific fright.

However, a massage will help you see the light.


Dream analysis

may lead to paralysis

of the senses

when faced with




lurking in

the human mind

to which we consciously

are seemingly blind.

Your dream's interpretation


on your fascination

that sends













for dedication

and some appreciation.

Are you lacking understanding?

If you yourself can't interpret you dream

Why ask another what it may mean?

When you are lying under blankets & not standing

Then why ask others notwithstanding?

Are you soooo tired

that fatigue is causing suction

creating dream induction?

So your plan to stay awake backfired.

Don't give a yawn

in the morn,

but do so at night

if you plan to sleep tight.

If you treasure

a long forgotten


go to sleep happily for sure

as you are under no pressure

to remember

events from October to September

and there is indeed no hindrance

to your remembrance.

If you have some bizarre fascination

with things & events not quite what they seem

Enjoy the manifestation

of surrealism in your dream.


from sleeplessness




this becoming a mania?

Then step into the arena of dreams

where, by means of massage, anything is possible

and all is feasable.

Consider yourself psychic?

Your apparent sense

may seem to others

devoid of common sense.

You may sense what they feel

although most people

would deny this to be real.

When you're in emotion

you're bound to experience motion.

But when you have dream experience

you require some perseverance.

You may believe

what you perceive

As long as what you retreive

You don't leave.

There is hope for the future

if you dream


a better tomorrow

with no regrets and sorrow.

Aspiritions & ambitions

are ambivalent

as long as they do not lower inhibitions.


may be of some intrigue

when you dream

or so it may seem.

When you're feeling tired

you may get wired

or be hired

to be admired

or simply retired.

What other correlation

is there of some admiration

between global & positive

then that it is simply cognitive?

What message is to be gained

from the divine purpose

of massage

when all that remained

was a sky of turquoise?

What do we identify angels with?




Or the God may be with?

When you feel like exposing,

you don't require medication,

but in honesty of being

only massage and some meditation.

Mental telepathy and clarity,

when considering synchronicity,

is not unlike astral travelling,

in determining our destination,

which is still pending.

Your bed might not be so unstable,

as to have to be replaced with a massage table,

for a person in motion

is merely displaying emotion,

as a car on a rocky road

cannot be likened to a toad.

A rainbow

may just be a show

of colours so bright,

signifying tomorrow

all could come right.

Heaven is a between row

of yesterday & tomorrow,

with no sorrow.


not knowing how to handle

is not a simulator,

but like an alligator.

Say to the Lord

in accord

your prayer

for forgiveness,

love & repair.


may predict

however remote

or how you may vote

however derelict

with music prediction

what expedition

would make you


in the sky.

Do not trust

an earthly object

that may rust

& don't object to investigate

heaven's gate

for what it may be worth,

certainly not for mirth.

If you thrive to contrive

or sensationalise

do not depise

other's demise,

for from these embers & dust,

although given to rust,

new nations may rise.

Have you viewed the sunken Atlantis,

broken into so many an island,

sunken beneath the sea,

that the human mind

even on errand only in dream could see?

There are a myriad

of pyramid,

still to be found,

but even those half forgotten

have confounded the human mind.

Have you experienced revelation?

Is this you destination?

To put sin in the bin?

Believe me, you can only win.

If you have faith, if you have hope

in a brighter tomorrow,

without any sorrow,

just say yes

and God will Bless.





so many


Sleep, dear one, let your worries go out of sight

so with the eagles you may take flight.

Dream of me & you

Together. Forever.

This is true.

Dream of you & I

Forever Together

when I close my one & other eye.

When weaving together

the tapestry of your dream,

it may seem far more complicated,


than sewing a seam.

Dreaming of the sun,

through a night of stormy weather,

then again put together,

can be at a walk or run,

for eternity & forever.

If you find my poetry strange

Another massage I could arrange.

If you think so while awake

Think twice before jumping in the lake.

Rather jump into bed instead.

Then I'll wish you the sweetest dream.

It may be debated

or categorically stated

There's a category of horse

You may saddle when elevated

Called nightmare,

if you dare

for it to ensnare

you with a single glare,

taking you off on a wild journey,

beyond compare.

If music be the food of love,

Then dreaming might be

the food of life,

counting blessings from above

& abundant lack of strife.

If in the dream world,

you may choose to remain,

will you not experience discomfort,

but relief from physical pain

& should you call out in distress,

if will de-stress,

should you call out my name,

so again just


my name.

When you dream

you transcend

to a higher state

of being,

where believing

is seeing

& seeing

is believing.

When you dream

The dark & the shadows


As sun & meadows.

I would be massaging

was I not writing this poem,

dreaming with eyes open

of experiences yet unknown.

I would be dreaming

was I not writing

this composition

& massaging

had I not this enquiring,

yet creative disposition.

Dream your aspirations

& suddenly

with infinite variations

your goals may become attainable

& life for once sustainable.

You do not have to be lost

to find your miracle -

just dream.

You will find

in your mind

what you were looking for

is lost no more

& is suddenly

within you reach

if you have a massage & practice

what you preach.

Reach for the stars

& the seemingly impossible

will become attainable;

do not regret

nor forget


for today

it is possible to dream

of a brighter tomorrow,

devoid of any sorrow.

When it's so dark,

you can't possible see,

just embark

or imagine sitting in the park

& dream a little dream of me.

You'll be better off choosing Mary-Anne any day

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Choose me!

Choose me & u won't regret.

Don't forget, it's as good as u can get.

It was fun to have u as my no. 1.

Now count up 2 10 & we'll do it again.

That's all 4 today


2 skilfully balance work & play.


Experience TLC

especially from me.


If u're searcing 4 perfection

u're heading in the right direction.

If your dreams don't come true, don't despair

as by all means, just for you, I'll always be there.

Your dreams & aspirations reflect true care.

Don't choose.

Don't refuse.

Don't lose.


U&I in the right position

will let you regain your composition

& improve your disposition.

You are extremely sensual

extravagantly sensational;

excitingly sexy&productive

& extraordinarily seductive.

Infinite variations:


Life's infinite variations

can assist u

in meeting ur aspirations.

Relief is attainable

4 ur life 2 become sustainable.

With perseverance

the seemingly impossible

may become possible.

With the right attitude

you can put more hours in your day

for work and play.

Planning properly today

may make a brighter future

tomorrow possible.

Don't waste time regretting yesterday

when what happened

is insignificant and demure

by comparison

of you finest hours your'e still to endure.

Look beyond what you may perceive

and look forward to what you may achieve.

Ambition is not altogether as difficult as it may seem.

Just dream.

If you just dare

your life may be truely beyond compare.

Sustain your body & life

& experience abundant lack of strife.

Improve body, soul & mind

& peace u will find.


Your energy won't be depleated

once u're comfortably seated.



Improve circulation.

Enjoy revitalisation.

Relax your muscles.

You owe it to yourself.


and treat

yourself as elite.

Pamper yourself

from head to feet.

Too tired to mention?

Let me relieve your tension.

With a positive outlook

no discomfort will remain,

but relief from physical pain.

Let ur worries go outa sight

& ur spirit take flight.



the time of ur life

& decoy worries & strife.

If you aspire to find,

One that is caring & kind;

You may live,

In memories to give;

As you can not tell,

When's the time to bid farewell.


Forget your trials

& regain your smiles.

You are more sturdy than the tallest tree,

sweeter than any flower the eyes could see,

purer than the purest spring that's sprung,

more wordy than the greatest song unsung.


Now, give ur self a gift of the present

and for me a drink that's evervescent.

There's nothing quite as special

as receiving a smile

as it puts a smile on my dial

& makes my day worthwhile.

It is not just who we are, but how we apply ourselves that is of importance.

Summarily, despite all indications to the contrary, nothing is as bad as it may appear at a first glance.


Improving ur health

contributes 2 wealth.

To those in dedication

whose mission

it is to improve inner vision

you have full permission

to make a decision

to obtain a favourable disposition.

Comfort - not too overt:

Experience comfort

& release from discomfort.

Experiencing distress?

It may help 2 relieve ur stress.

Quality time:

U'll find some quality time

completely sublime.


you travel

over gravel

or depending on weather

by air

as long as you get there.

Because you're given to not forgot

Because you're given to be sure of what you not forgot

it's to present the present with bunch of forget-me-not

that's absolutely essential if not quitessentialy true,

should you perceive the world & wish future to pursue.

Because your original expectations last year shattered

and sure enough unanswered questions were scattered,

you now know that culmination of events in moderation

are luck at throw of dice not given to much persuasion.

Since you cannot accurately determine the opportunistic

apprehended by constant apprehension of altruistic

you practice oblique comprehension that thus inhabit

every year's passing without notice becoming habit.

Due to poet's & politicians quoted & misquoted

you may in uncertain correspondence have noted

that resolutions serve revolutions to inhibit,

as fading memories pose statuesque as museum exhibit.

Resultant of serious regard to situations humorous,

you may stop behaving naturally appearing glamorous,

drinking from flask of liquid presumably intellectual

of life's water in determining

Never ending clocks run slower

Never ending clocks run slower under a shooting star.

Music in meeting impressions are strummed with guitar.

Those've hummed new year's tunes in couplet time double

never both near & afar have that difference of trouble.

Timeous meetings cause elation ignoring imperfection

celebrating places in contemplation of affection.

The only thing of importance are unclimbed mountains,

disturbing knowledge by defining washing fountains.

Impression of subconscious & unconscious rejection

can only be truely appreciated in conscious connection.

Your memories lift you to a higher level distinguished

since your new year promises of setbacks relinquished.

Inherently at precise time you develop new technique.

Your behaviour becomes orderly: ordinary, but oblique.

Entirely strange ideas now appear illustrating sensuous

as renewed perceptions are frustrating arduous.

Learning about ability to transcend time in nature

results from self-awareness as you do fully mature,

all the while marvelling at yet unconquered recognition

of what really does not exist in startling premonition.

Limited opinions

It is sad, but true that years bring limited opinions

over overt lost last time & divided differing dominions

that nobody believe & world leaders do not bemourn

grieving over mistakes in a long year's sojourn.

Man could in gaining popularity regard above society

as appearing charming though ravaged by iniquity.

Secrets of peace are contrary to those who languish

as languid politicians inflicting much anguish.

Oh what a shame that denounced attendance opinions sway

in show of cultural heritage that basically betray;

fanatical manners actually understood blesses

mortal man's reputation with reckless religious tresses

giving rise to anger, mistrust and melancholly

foreseeing a new year of unforeseen folly.

Oh,wouldt be better if menre less pretentious I whisper

Cessation of intimidation & violence quiver & whimper.

Would't be said that new year's waste of time instead?

What'd happen if mere mortals stopped toiling forbread?

You will never see the old year again that's gone under

an overprotective world heralded out assunder thunder.

Harmony empowered

When is a better time for harmony to be empowered

than at that exultuous time where time's deflowered

during respectable spectacle of calendar's excite

of old year meeting new open to all without invite?

Requiring compare wonder at devotion throughout motion

equation of new year being greater than old by notion

realising pleasures can be occupied treading on grass

despite man's furtive preoccupation clock to surpass.

Time's procession don't seem straight surfaced beneath

relationship of seconds seconded by predicted belieth.

Movement of surprise & dismay's triumphant never chant

appear as shooting stars&fireworks unanimously haunt.

Fate is not premeditated though prayers are meditated

stilling anxiety instilled in poor thus agitated;

congratulations are in order as church bell's melody

ring in a new year oblivious to forgotten tragedy.

Kindly remebering of good gains wisdom's wary flight

of conflicting deliberate choices that could delight,

time and again the passing of a year senses into bliss

of cautious selective discarding of many a dark abiss.

Dreamy & dreary clouds

So the weather collaborated in relatively dreary

particles cognate with moon in what's considered weary

resourceful brilliant interaction that exudes

an ambience that mere dreamy modesty excludes.

Anthromorphosis oft eludes those seemingly in the know

requiring wonder at such wonderful sights yet to show

presumable reflecting vandalism as perfection before

wondering wandering scholastic perceptions bore more.

Predicted occurrences assisted in prophesies of divine

since multiples not held by me widely belongs as thine

approaching discoveries mention of materialistic good

that in paradigm shift was deduced to have withstood.

My benevolence exist as challenges for my many foes

who in not being extremely accurate overrate with woes

humanity's teaching falling where previously arose

significant natural understanding everyday as chose.

Learning equations demonstrated sprinking discontent

with uncommon start executing steps peacable&turbulent

basically building universe acceding to the throne

understood communication studied by act of being lone.

There are those who chose

Direct contrast of good enough isolated those

who reinterpreted philosphy of reality as they chose

in pending inquisitiveness of inquisition in sight

inquiring at interdict of mountain's valleys fright.

Such closed interpretations question lost affections

burdening memory's temperamental temporal recollecions

preceding issue of ultimately refused untimely hearse

theorising lost potential simultaneously timid&terse.

Foundation of problems in relationship don't matter,

illustrated by developed compliments & idle flatter

heeding pixed points granting success in participation

overcoming existing reason superior to inclination.

Accusations received summarily pale in insignificance

to implied remarks, measures&principles of cognicance;

value represented by numbers of members in an audience

are marginal to forces manifesting in recognicance.

Unrecognised straightforward spirits bravely reckoned

neither development nor contributions to that beckoned

by surreptitious hinting of favourible promises told

in choosing the wrong option unwittingly not behold.

Reinterpretation as it would be

Unwitting fools and the seemingly ignorant reckoned

that following dead-end avenues'd lead where beckoned,

differing process of stepping towards false splendour

of dependable hard reality posing undispensably tender

Speaking differently once affected by air of despair

preparing compromising principles beyond compare

acting indifferently renaming all remaining trades

of sacrilegious sarcasm represented by ace of spades.

Reckoned in heat o'distinct hatching egg's Renaissance

is systematic dance converse entropy of broken trance.

Will yonder return eventually the slow tortoise sent

or would such reprent a stagnant presented ornament?

What be man that he can malevonlently care to extend

the extent to wit he went for that foe regarded friend

whilst mere thought adrift maliciously pose as clouds

that in crying and tantrums thunder torn to shrouds?

Why relationships act as magnetic forces in this life

as inseperable from loneliness as elation is to strife

&for what reason should discoveries from afar do good

in broadening scope&horizon of concepts misunderstood?

Previously rational & right

What has previously been known as rational & right

now is a mere refuting glimmer of a previously bright

legacy of dissimilar popular queens between kings

and heritage of angels indifferent to clipped wings.

Words travelling as such in troubled verse transverse

extremely impeded current thoughts in terse converse

rationalist symblism of Christianity's Bible divine

in reflected good association of blessings do shine.

Self imposed spectrum of light encapsulated in dream

cast shadows of perceptions akin to trout upstream

swimming against the current in season and in view

of fishermen wanting wonting in such selfish in lieu

of fact that these floating examinations evaded regal

grasp as waves deterred determined talons of an eagle

opting rather for an ironical olive branch now made

with bark and trunk of neighbours thus betrayed.

Should it be no wonder then that infinity casts aside

such evaluations inconclusively made by foolish pride

and would cause for right be radiated to yet another

slumber indefininitely in dynamic dreaming undercover?

Unpunctuated relevant development

Relevant development were kept as phenomena slept

oblivious of rainbow rejoicing though clouds wept

in irrverent efforts for raindrops not to retire

from parting clouds to fall amidst in like desire

falling faster than a climber ascending hills steep

were those conclusive situations arising from sleep

parting with fun realising in culminating dismay

that array of drops in ocean went astray as river sway

perturbed by passionate gentlemen in whose palm

a trickle of water in baptising served as balm

sequentially saving insignificant water from obscurity

knowing promise of God's love despite man's infedility

in such life looking back eratically in ever increase

as a storm wind erupts from a once gentle breeze

signifying inconsistencies of man's perfect success

progressing development rather being content with less

resulting in woe & begone tales if wailing & woe

casting assunder upwars ambitions as these do go

questioning contributinos of relatives' rejoice

when friends are more faithful&committed by choice

Hospitality delays

Unfortunately there's a hospitality delay

in entertaining a friend boisterously loud

uttering in jealousy shadows to a sun's ray

meaningfully ending in being overly proud.

Inevitably there's many places like home

saying to your friend such as their opinions to sway

in excitement mistaking bubbles with foam

awaiting the day when we reconciles with they.

Eventually time proceeds to midnight hour

as passing of time can even waeken the strong

heeding crow announcing time passing in clock tower

and not all birds flyinh high sing melodious song.

Unperturbed by lies are the seemingly wise

and righteous seperating beloved in lost love

when sadly gazing with soul's window eyes

are cries of dove betrothed to trove.

Habitually interfering badly of innocent spake

those casting friendships & relationships askance

testing gullibility as in Eden did snake

not bothering to fathom reality or admitting to trance

Be strong to get along

A man with muscles oh so strong

was pulling a heavy weighted cart along,

along the road passing a crag,

not knowing jag, but wanting to brag,

wonting for lrics of song to sing,

oft inclined to jargoning,

deliberating colloquially,

whistling jovially,

following a straight line,

not as much as pausing to dine,

thanking God for the day he was born,

passing the time on that sunny morn,

not wanting for a dime his pockets to adorn,

not concerned 'bout bread nor corn,

momentarily entranced by a bleating foghorn,

seemingly oblivious of his shirt so torn

progessing slowly though feeling forlorn,

greeting all with smiles, not scorn.

The wind doth blow

The wind doth blow

o'er feet & head

as it dost o'er friend & foe

captured or fled.

A bird flew as the wind blew o'er grass emersed in dew

not having angel's wings not halo to follow

though the fairbreast do in passing through

the sleepy hollow solemnly muttering hallo.

The musician now blows soothingly an oboe

in thought that although he fought

with arrow & deleberating on deliberate boe or bow

though inevitably the breeze doth blow in thought.

Bliss is prefarable over woe

in fair weather

in restraining aiming a crossbow

being peacefully thogether.

Far below the snow dost go

as the wind wails in a message to impart

also filling with cold air the sleepy hollow

coldly amusing itself with the lover's heart.

Until the will is stilled

The still waters flow still,

lions pausing to drink growled

at a young buck approaching water at will

having been heard as though howled & scowled.

The once leafy tree now serves as a pole,

voices are quited previously loud

what happens to man's soul

when such wanders over a cloud?

A lost treasure is seldom returned,

in silence sound is bound,

no picking has been discerned

in arching a straight line into a circle round.

Man's spirit passed on's referred to as belated,

corn gold foerever loses the green

in progress loss is abated,

the hidden's not to be seen.

There's distiction between are and were,

bad is realised in absence of good,

in perpetual motion what's here's now there

and of necessity to ignite fire would use good wood.

There fears here

There fears here,

the old is lost in renewing,

where everywhere's waiting in queue

on cue of one's own doing.

Hear what will rear

when alone is one

ere you lend an ear

to off and on.

Past that peer a steer steared

to an island with the sea around won

walking on a pier that miraculously appear

having set out to achieve what was done.

The fisherman threw a spare spear at a fish near

under the moon ironically visible at noon

and peered at what from beyond horizons appear

while listening silently to a loud bassoon.

In fear visible nears, then disappears,

adding two to seven also makes nine divine,

don't heed restless gossip in gossamers & meres

as darkness emphasizes a glimmered shadow shine.

Surround sound around

Within a circle round I was walking around

when unexpectedly a person came

dancing to sound in strange surround

of whom I'm not quite sure of the name.

The howling billowing wind

blowing over those wanting of wont

striding behing telepathy of mind

chanting either hurried can or can't.

Lovers holding one another's hand

after praying at mass for a wind driven mast

leaving foorprints in seasand

commiserating passed past.

Gazing faithfully at the heaven

commemorating requems past

receiving what is given

at last relinquishing lost blast.

At the height of noon spooning an appetising tune

as man devours meat of beast

midyear June in reality watching a cartoon

that at the most could be doh least.

They say he did a lion slay

Is there truth in the say

implied in all averred reverred

that he did a lion slay

after it devoured an avery bird?

Was he really away needless to say

in arrears of upper area near

where the lionesses lay as they may

preyfully thin though seemingly sincere?

Could he sense recognaisance

when to all his feat he did declare

reversing an act of vengeance

when shooting into the air?

Could he keep the lion at bay

while being sadder&wiser, yet forlorn

when his countenance lay

in this act having met with scorn?

Did that lion haunt him at night

until he rose in the morn

gaining delight as noble knight

for all his trophy to adorn?

Spark in the dark

A spark is noticeable in the dark

when at the sky gazing up

as a lark settles on bark

and rain evades an empty cup.

The lark is plump

and feels on tree stump

an alarming nudge

as tree meets sludge.

Along the clock's hand

the hour's still small

being young & in command

climbing hill considering all.

Youth glamorous ever & anon

as the earth's forever round

anonymous millions remaining anon

pause to listen to thunderous sound.

What is wealth without health

or wisdom telling withal

when momntous gaining of stealth

fares well in any bright hall.

Bizarre bazaar

There is a rise and dip

as at the bar they are

gulping after taking sip

at the bizarre bazaar.

The liquid's steady drip

with the music blast

and a tip for a safe trip

seems a doubt to cast.

The acrobat's fit

near a crowd's cheer

& outwits those who sit

near the stage actors appear.

Progressively it gets late

& still the smoke afloat

not bothering to exit gate

nor to baord a boat.

Many friend's feet meet

their partners there

savouring goodies sweet

not pausing even for prayer.

I sigh about what I see with my eye

I sigh about what I see with my eye

observing the thump of a lump

bidding yes to eyes that cry

bumping into a huge trump.

Butterflies fly in the sky,

fungi favours a rock,

by and by an effort to try

is attempted by weathercock.

Should I lie 'bout what I saw in the sky

and how my feelings were stirred

by aspirations reaching high

making the unheard of heard.

What sadness prevails when mortal men die

as the ocean ends at beginning of land

when a friar doth lowly fry

in taking a superior stand.

Is it only me who's lonely?

Will all things be granted to those who pray?

Do people need company?

What excesses are required to be merry & gay?

Must trust rust?

Copper shades of brown

inevitably must rust,

what goes up must come down

digusted by wind gust;

reality is often grim

discarding prayer gusht,

should she trust him

in eventual ashes & dust;

without the sun there's still a moon

as in God we trust,

rotten apples uneaten are strewn

and of bread remains a crust;

fishes in water are not drowned

inviting mermaid as guest,

when water & metal rust found

and in baptising we be blest;

the wind endeavours to find a mind

without as much as having to scout,

the peeled orange leaves rind behind

in effect out and about.

Bide to abide in abode

You may bide to abide by your existing abode

when you're still learning & yearning to earn

gliding over glades of various workloads

in a brief sojourn in travelling yearn.

You may plant flowers in the garden beside

and as it were declare

that you saw a lone bird glide

wearing wings unaware.

You may have a vision in sight

slight raising your eyebrow

of a home enveloped in light

and being content even though

absence of treasures is no longer rich

and the lost sheep no more return,

the male dog's given up seeking a bitch

and the smoky ash has ceased to burn.

No more can lift a heavy weight

than create uproar 'bout unfair score

when finally locked is the gate

and there's no answer to knock on the door.

Bare air

Today, my heart is cold in the bare air,

the light, once bright, seems dim,

it seems meaningless to ascend a stair

and purposeless a seedling to trim.

Today, I'm enveloped by gloom

perturbed by those rays bright,

not having any more room

for an endless needless plight.

Life's meaningless, so is death,

aimlessly moving to and fro,

the heart breaks with a single breath

descending to below.

An endless entering of more doors,

discarding & ignorance of powers,

wandering along endless floors

hated by people, but greeted by flowers,

stale is the pale air here,

beauty goes beyond what eyes see,

would I have been nobler as a queen

assembling useless knowledge curiously?

The read red book

The primary colour red

is noticeable in erupted valcanoe's spray,

leaving trace elements in books yet unread

tarrying to pack away an ecyclopedia tray.

Both insecure and adventurous is the edge

on the mountain where faithful friends pray,

partitioning reminiscent wedge

stagnating in progression alway.

There parables of dread pause so as not to tread

in the path of a boy wandering ahoy,

at the passover a bowed head passes bread

while joy may be found with idea to toy.

Despite all the sun remains bright

as she the shadows see,

illumiating with red a glow of white

reastricting excesses exceedingly.

What is thought here also once were there

as red and white merged on book's cover's pink now,

having been heir to bare pages I bear by brow of hair

even though having amassed knowledge unseen by thou.

Here, there & everywhere

Some degree of trepidation it takes to be fond

of unsighly snakes of various makes;

some unfrozen water's left in the pond

concealed as fakes by ice & flakes.

Some residue precariously remained

when trading joy for distress;

some anonymous are found amongst those named

and some wakefulness despite weariness.

Some degree of pain results in spiritual gain

and warmth, youth & vigour are cradled by old & cold;

in repetition again obscure realises main

reminiscent of many tales told.

Some sun still hides behind thunder so loud

as not one, but many in sorrow opt for shroud;

some lucidness is in sleep & weariness in awake

as equal in importance as make & break.

Some shapes materialise in straight line bend

and some restful truth evades lying;

some stangers are but yet an unmet friend

as here, there & everywhere life's left despite dying.

Back on track

White chalk on scoreboard black

is disputed by referee in sporty attire;

some runners take longer than others back on track

as some sparks escape from Olympic fire.

Athletes garments perspiration drank

to the applause of a crowd's roar;

at the finishing lines were bodies dank

winning and losing alike entering door.

As the cock crow's the marching band's rock

bestows an hour's glory of victory in tower;

having practiced many hands passing a clock

being rewarded for dteremination with a flower shower.

The ball in the goal enters still

as the sweet scent of glory fill the air;

the trophy's awarded to those champions who will

triumph adversities in fate to dare.

Many tournaments came

in imminent unachieving fear;

encouraged & motivated by Olympus flame

as heroes in the making are now where once men were.

Had I known I own my own

Had I known I own my own

destiny in my unknown youth,

that may have belong to me that now I do not own

and instead of falacy I would've seeked truth.

Had I known seddling could become trees tall

and that even futile efforts are not in vain,

I may have graced a nobler hall

and more meaningfully thought with my brain.

Had I known that homes are partitioned in room

and despite what's below there's divine love above,

I doubt if it would've been wisely advisable to groom

the wild horse unmounted referred to as love.

Had I known there is diversity in what seems same

and favoured peace moreover disdain,

I could've undone what's been done

and not have repeated the same mistakes again.

Had I know there's more blessing in giving than take

that mortal man are all in Christ one another brother

and many pastels can eminate from enlit rainbow pale

I would've understood hypocrite's false pride to other

Around the sound of an unbound hound

I never have enough time to be,

nor know why there's distinct he & she;

I can nether fathom praise bowed,

nor understand why most foolish are most loud.

My thoughts are perpetually around

the sound of an unbound hound

& seldom continue. but pause halfway

to keep at distance what's indeed away.

My hearts always beating in my breast,

modestly covered by a mere vest;

not attempting to regain what fate cruelly took,

seeing forever, without present look.

I habitually procrastinate, putting off next,

finding simple pleasure in composing a text,

wondering why affluent foolish until tomorrow

depite wisdom progress without apparent sorrow.

I intermiitently in thought pause my tea to stir,

wondering how decoy of untalented brings them here,

why ungifted writers become famous with shadows bought

as silly content childlike are sold without vow sought

I contemplate by what way & assay

a person so haughty would delay essay

taking foolish pride by misleading bale

presenting ostensibly attractive book with content pale

Prest breast

The oppressed are oft most pressed

by the rich living in opulence fine,

tragically having nobler character abreast

of tho hight&mighty thinking they're better than thine.

The ways of the world are not alway clear

ignoring many a phoenix out of dust risen,

not bothering to heed or notice silent tear

of those innocent condemned confined to prison.

Wonting of wanting, oh, woe is me,

in existence and persistence dulling the thrill,

of paranoia & anxiety both posed fearfully

would it be worrying unnecessarily, psychically still.

Would it be the well intentioned could do most harms

as untruths are adhered to as though in a trance,

and love's forever evading open arms

ignoring in ignorance thoughtful countenace.

Is it strange how the strong surpass the mild

and night always ends a day once bright

and that maturing still nurtures inner child

when in sleep there's no awareness nor need for light

'Twas said to have saith

'Twas said to have saith

that the liar who decieved lion in its lair

was dead after having met an untimely death

without shelter of air.

'Tis say that wind trees sway

outside homes for rent

from homelessness a day away

mortaging pent up repent.

'Twere unfathomable how creation began

for men listen only to what they wish to hear,

sanctifying seemingly unsacred sacistan

making a castle out of a mole's abode mere.

'Thas been prescribed in folly that infant should ween

and thought much literature, few read the tale,

when the one track mind cannot decipher line between

as aspirations are set on mountains losing sight o'dale

'Twould've been different to differntially remain same

being met by haughty exiting limo in disdain

taking foolish pride in a shoelace honestly done

seeming though refusing friendship for acrynomous gain

Love to betrothe

My simple, yet complicated whole

is akin to a square peg in a round hole,

loving to betrothe charm in trepadation

awaiting in omission & remission of your perspiration;

a misfit, with stormy currents of emotion & penitence

pervading below my seemingly placid appearance

in disagreement of innocence

& desires unbridled in deliberance.

Wow, with regards to issues, so exciting,

what if I was intentionally inviting?

Should I try & entice you?

Would you perhaps unintentionally come too?

With roaring like a lion & thunder, sighting

a passionate current strike like lightning,

exhileration electrifying may cause storm to erupt

from this planet right to Venus, abrupt.

Charming adventure overture:enjoy joining expedition

Transformation's yet possible

inasmuch as change is rife:

I don't know if I'll ever find a noble

someone to complete this jigsaw of my life,

as I relentlessly turn down wrong path

in wanders nocturnal,

wondering at maze of intelligence opposed with

dejection of ephemereal.

With some of my love,

regardless of circumstances permit,

cordially coming from romance's treasure trove:

Fancy a cordial invitation to wild ride in my chariot?

I remain, in sensuality, spirituality & sponateinity

truely yours sincerely

albeit responsibly & discerningly,

with affection accordingly.

Romance dance

Would you in solitude meek

Ecstacy in intercourse seek?

Would you draw in breath in distress

At sheep clustered' round shepherdess?

Would you unwittingly seek homeage

In a quaint adrift with snow cottage?

Would you despite forfeiture smile

Even though the troubled path ahead extends a mile?

Would you contemplate glorious while

Pondering over wisdom's disregard of style?

Would you find a crest laden haven

Settling down as in nest of a raven?

Would you fade due to fright

Or still value a common day's light?

Would you perceive views plaintively

Pointing in upliftment to the holy?

Would you be enchanted by a starry sky

Or albeit reluctantly bid a bye to I?

Or would the simple summit be shaking

In rise of the gentle ground quaking?

Will still sway away

When rising at haunted morn

Forsaking sleep with subtle yawn

Deliberate on what you would

Rather on what you possibly could.

More effort's moulded in chopping wood

Than being scolded for being cold though could

You wish your day's filled with events many

Ought being inspired even if not having any a penny.

As the tree had withered so the bark be

As a bird without wing and he without she.

Mistaken prey captured by the heart

May even when ceased employ charitable start.

Those words that were favourite & surely well meant

Bestowed on less wretched & free could create content

Though having fiercely by compass at will

Moonstruck: Contented Contents

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Mythology and folklore direct development simultaneously. Silver heart for love frequently focuses on dreams and desires, effectively healing with divination and psychic instantaneously by higher source of desires fulfilling strange strong energies & fires. Rekindle sensuality & passion with elemental enchantment, associated planets, stars and angelical tune Allow crystaline images to form in instinctive attachment to prosperity, flowers and good fortune. Twilight

Bring joy to your life with healing deity proof. Combine magical  forms to infuse light; various cultures of deception and truth attract  success, and prosperity in flight. Angel of happiness gently drops special gift of shining sunlight to bring peace to spirit guide, creating ripples of why try significant occasions in great resources of temptation delight. Healing harmony and powers eminate from earth and sky . Wise light of universe surrounds benefit of full moon. Myths and mystical at beginning and end of quest for vitality attract beauty and worth soon in astrological associations of crystal request. Protection and blessings do ring of candles start, especially in matching moonstones treatise. Enjoy rich history by using intuition and heart, shimmering a sunlit calm exploration-release

Recent discovery movement and pathways of full moonlight rest for thousands of years encourages trusting intuitive powered rhythm trays that simultaneously identify doorway'd fears. Attached from moonrise, move to moonset. Energies amplify innate healing harmoniously, presenting questionable formation-reformation to regret information of tiny prismatics fracturing melodiously. Bring peace and spiritual harmonious pale. Mists count slowly blessings as wishes talk. Reflected rainbows are endowed with energies' stale, transformed into sunbeam or starlight walk through seas and seals. If in doubt, begin fascination. Magical crystal place balances warm harmonizing; astral traveling dolphins and whales do personal interpretation; clear pendulum soothes visualized bright vision – tantalizing. High tides with wishes on shimmering waves alleviate. Trace inner psychic patterns spiraling round; dive deep into clear ocean below characteristics of late. Traditional associations reveal hypothesis mound. Direction of swing is special prayers or wishes, really. Follow crystal huge tree staircase in interaction; butterflies and moths’ energies are flowing freely, filled with light legend, invoking energy reaction. Clockwise circling mantra continues rhythmic chant. Healing powers in incantation incarceration are source of light to spiritual guides. Spontaneous response can’t select at random a mystical land encircling association, correcting path limitations of time talking animals. May light shine on you and luck smile on you nevertheless. Twilight
Deliberately circle clockwise universal knowledge to mammals; wise guides focus on inner world substituting stress. Energise system with powerful crystals forming divination valour with wings sprouting. Choose route for the momentous association. Unblock stagnant area-enthusiasm with individual colour, returning endowed rest after travel on rainbowed bridge arbitration. Cleanse gentler crystals with clarity of purpose to nurture. Select knowledge transmission and ask blessing. Wonderful colours of restoration won wondrous nature; rotate anti-clockwise, cleanse and calm stressing. Feeling of reassurance infuses with light connecting. Intense spiritual insights increase entourage to power and determination, allowing impressions to form eclecting of careful intuitive guide to inspiration, denoting courage; intuitive interpretation structure is blessings promising. Rebalance whole system to vibrant mood of the day deity. Peace surrounds experience of archangels, diminishing ascended beings and source of divinity. Through mystical experiences increase fortune less. Increase self esteem - offer strengths you need. Continuous flow within increases achieved success in brillianc&resilience. May momentarily creed glimpse greed. Divinity does and feels at one with the universe trove. Strengthen sense of identified sunlight balance while arose roses. Meaning in life increases love, empathy and compassion. Different options do decadence. Stream for hour fills with light of diamond bright, absorbed into energy field for work precarious, with nature and environment allowing good sight of images to form rest transforming areas. Aura is constantly flowing into coloured rainbow. Gradual increase of prosperity and fortune is festivities’ direction to reward anticipation. Twilight
Pass pendulum bow clockwise to increase existing good opportunities. amplify and transmit cultural forgive. Pendulum harmonises and improves qualities. Doorways to other dimensions doth protection give In balance of polarities: fidelity and infidelity equalities Anti-clockwise to cleanse and clockwise to energise - aura promoting success will vibrate within depths create. Oasis of calm is more vibrant doorway of hidden realms, wise, continuously moving outwards to represent kindness, late reconciliation, meditation and contemplation synergy. Enhance and encourage triumph of light over darkness. Increase flow of life force to neutralize negative energy, increasingly becoming oasis exchange to clear comforting meekness. Good beginnings after obliteration offer compromise for new regeneration, representing beginnings of charmed restoration.

Notice best of all divine sources of generation.


Sensual massong rendesvouz

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Earth and sea keep harm from me. Wind and fire bring my desire to see. Glimpses of smooth whiteness with iridescent (incandescent) one In rainbow gleam (sunbeam) righteous on perfect spring day dewdrops shone. Brighter flowers smelled form sweeter refrain

the sky called class. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensPlease lift up darkness, dear Lord, again and make intellect clear as crystal glass. Based upon great pleasure power, let wisdom sword cut off all sorrow. Sensible initiation obeys command and come hour, may you and your family blessed be tomorrow. May you and your family so bless me yet, through the  path I will accomplish soon. Offer flowers as favour with four corners to form a net that gathers numberless Goddesses at noon. Full of wit like flower garland connected together, protect all worldly and unworldly joys. In lotus of realisation appear soon despite tether; right result obtains full enlightenment decoys. Fruit of great compassion, fruit of pure and perfect fruit of non-limit light, fruit of trinity when offering water passion - may wealth come soon in sight. May light be found, perfumes kept long, holy last, long music inflection, sweet sound accept with smile and good will abound, Fold palms and pray redemption and permission to be forgiven still. Merit successful in attainment liege; special prayer and power of great will and holy karma purposes hermitage Inspiration to grant permission for writing is ritual meditation light. Possibly perform celebrated played sighting; prayed ritual complied favouring right. The truth will be found in the dream slightly; infatuation presents life or is it thus elected, By the power of Lord God Almighty, I will now be blessed, healed and protected. I have prayed over the matter henged and God's angels will see by bells that  misery is avenged. Reminiscent of the spells of the ancient Pharaohs to ward off spirits in stealth of evil is fourth remainder of thy and thee; rose petals are destined for a life of wealth and great success in self-renewing vitality and versatility of nature to see the aesthetic beauty of miraculous healing powers in Neptune, Lord of the Sea’s quiet, romantic, tender time together hours. Rainforests, oceans, fill with life and hope; feel power emanates; feel light illuminating scope:- such is rejuvenated. Starfish from waters of life test soil from mother earth’s vitality: milk to symbolise nectar of breast; seed for growth, life and ability. Fire of vitality, storm of passion, good and helpful sight - sky clad under the full moon fashion glowing under warm golden light, with warmth all over and pearls divine, precious jewels of lunar, adornment, let it shine through and around sooner; belong to no one, but God up above and honest friends in  life. Do nice things and be happy in trove! With prayer for protection from strife: defeat the power of darkens through the good of God within sight, meaning all evil spirits will take flight, harkens and no more bother  day or night, Glory is. This is purely so by eclective. Recalcitrant to suppose, but apparently is effective. Destiny reminds of a rose. So enemy will see in mopes, They cannot get the better to see, as this dashes the hopes and evil endeavours of any adversary. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Amen. Blue moon, do moon - brightness of sensuality times ten do blue glass star festoon. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensIn good Christian faith turn the other cheek to all curses and victims of renunciation are redeemed by the power to seek  glory of Jesus’ annunciation. As the magi were wise without fail, so may the truth and true words prevail; oh, fountain, mountain tall, star of wonder by night’s royal bask, entail. Dear Lord, please help me to get angel way and in discord to your peace sway. Gain and again I pray for good and light astray - peace (pace) and prosperity (propensity) away. Something for fright: in quarrels do defeat temerity right. Demur darkness by God's eternal light; there’s no more sadness and no more fright, no more quarrels & no more fight - God has prevailing shining height and might. Forgive enemies and adversaries contrite for all the atrocities committed towards sight. Pray for hope in and through trying times. Enemies have tried to run such down. They have not succeeded by songs or chimes. Adversaries cannot topple smile to a frown as with God is pleaded, those who hate could not take nor conceded pleasure in downfall and have not succeeded as God has provided  with what is needed. Those who thrilled in grief pleaded and suffering failed surely, see as by the power of God succeeded in triumph over wrong to see when have been good to them; they are bringing sword over their own head. don't openly declare war, ahem- just sit waiting for enemies’ downfall instead, falling in their self-set traps in disdain by connection detection - consequence, heal  pain; grant request to protection and you will see the good in your heart and set  free. Bless you with powers afore you depart: the base of discriminative wisdom to be is like the cloudless sky of autumn rates from which we may get realisation, to save beings from unsavoury states to pure kingdom divination. Gems, pearls, silver, crystal, sapphire, gold, red coral, jade in dream, state good luck know quite well, already awakened had no answer, but became inspired, so told of wealth genius light illumined Mani King (mannequin) to sell. Golden stars in many transformations Into worldly or unworldly gems or dowry real and true, please do bless with all  powered reformations and help those who help all others, oh do. Do remember good vows; often keep with no kindness all wishes of good purposes to raised brows gathered as a sea of single-mindedness. No moment, no being, should leave; may this attachment be folded myriad. Many will be helped by wisdom fire conceive; may all be served with benefitted triad. Do with wish great karma raise, endless methods adorning lamp, sovereign prince of praise and sing a song with special wisdom revamp. Burn up the sorrow, help fulfil good wishes despite oblivions; do good karma today for tomorrow, care taken to keep natural positions. Hold straight without turning upside down, branches make great merciful shadows staggering; so clean mature time is just not this very moment in town, fruit and jewels nowhere for gathering. Power of renunciation and confession, power of branches, evolutionary yoga abundantly, mercy, great perfection obsession, kindly help to get time instantly! Prayer: please increase spiritual food of endurance and diligence. May we have perfect merited mood: Golden silk of five yards' indulgence- soft & wonderful silk detachment becomes realisation application when falling into attachment; help keep commandment elation. Attainment subdues in contemplation, transmuting sleepy mind in meditation, even kinds of when dreaming destination; help  to recognise this fact and falsification. Get patience sovereign like life and wealth, give great compassion and all advantage; required or requested wealth and stealth, experience spiritual food vantage. Wisdom & compassion earnestly pray for instant help, terrible are sins of sentient beings wandering in long transmigration sway; wealth obtained position helping to get realisation begins. Power of heavenly eyes, power of past lives enable know past life of each and every animal adore and despise, have power to know other's mind in prosperity and strife. Have all divine natural powers, achieve great saviour power; gems places reach places like flowers, reacted places, enacted places reach the gentle hour. Light shown light shone ire, all worldly and unworldly wealth may gain; bless wood, start wisdom fire, all sages’ beings do have the pleasure remain. Step into the light, don’t get a fright; you are with insight in sight. You are free by right. Praise victorious prince invitation, more fret you; won’t forget of good karmic elation, wisdom free-wisdom tree too. Wisdom ire, wisdom fire, eight lions and gems fantasise; endless merits disdainful of dire, knowledge perception is wisdom seat to secretly visualise. On lotus tree same as cushion-ornament lift upward tiger sun to powerful countenance, following guidance of God’s adornment, accomplishing whatever commands resonance. While lions in brightness on back God of Wealth rides, golden colon (golden cocoon) contriteness silk umbrella with many gems hanging from it divides. As many gems as desire in deflections decorated and magnified with diamonds; precious mirr mirror shining light in all directions, help sentient beings as almonds, to increase wisdom and wealth thens and nows, protectors standing around; fixes gaze smiling to remember all vows, when abiding in non-limitation of the cosmic sound, the taken care, more than compare - great palace appears within the air, bearing salvation’s stare and performing holy best karmis health, should induce endless wealth of two kinds (kings); pluck up favours of God of wealth. Bless bell five wisdoms and five gem treasury brings. Gold and jewels' voices are victory. Whatever you take, all is inconceivable, Worldly and unworldly bliss are delivered philosophy; sacred and secret inspire special enjoyment retrievable. Get all accomplishments; remember all excellent vows of men. Help gain all attainments; purify dreams and omen. Protect from risks, make peace and rich harvest for all. All good pleasures fulfil all best wishes obelisk, sacred and secret cause much nectar down fall. Flows from the ore, kind smile sends away sorrow; sit on good seat and admire more, fire appeals on moon which is on lotus to borrow. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensWelcoming gesture covered all things stolen that rightfully should have come will now be recovered to be, this is by the law of three insightfully. Refracted inflection enacted distracted reflected part; it took some time for you  to get to know causes other. It took some time for concequences to fall apart, yet in due time time will return as clockwork over, once again conscience take up residence forever in your heart. You will come to realisation sooner than time will tell. Then all will be perfect and all will be well not to depart by shower hour, so is deep well. These are the days when birds come back, a very few, a bird or two, come back on proper track, so, please do. For then after the misty morn the summer sun comes (or sand in the hand) with a wild fascination that seeks young summer's charms adorn, so,  yearning to be back in diversification of harmless arms, understand. Come back before the birds are flown into  arms for to call what is owned own!! Hope, thou hast been false like a dog to a bone, converse was ever true  in despair and throne. Don't believe lies and do deceits see and hasten  step to come back to solidarity. In favour you will remain constantly as every night turns to every day until eternity. With respectful sentiment and sentient yearning for adulation time will bring down adversaries sentient; time will bring what is lost back with appreciation. Lone respite from spite, deliciously modest  & extravagantly delectable day went about in silent respite, locked in a silent embraced stay. Pray over won every battle and song - every battle will be won, victiorious. I am headstrong. I am Aries. CHECK OUT STARSHA.COM FOR THE HOTTEST PICS!
Incessant (though obtuse) defence when will is challenged bring exercise of royal will to commence staring at nothing. Victoriously you will want in every mood of mercurial allegiance. Like royalty, compromise is notoriously changeable in challenged diligence. Compensate for ineptitude and ignorance; instead remains gratitude. Occurrence of the Arctic weather instance while my clock wines whines attitude and  remain one of body, spirit and of mind. Recalcitrant, but apparently effective rise, symphony demands to be converted as another kind that is kind, not coveted as a prize. He who is afraid of disappointment should not come near aspirations. Appetite comes with eating; natural beauty of nature rose as a rose arose to above or rock supposed to be to counteract defeating. Strange follow fellows vanish in folly midnight court or courting slightly, while the deer through the woods (would)/(are) nimbly, springy, sprightly dear, would you hold conviction tightly? Pretend game has all come true afore long, there is nothing wrong invitely with the words of this song!! Murmuring touching your heart and soul as once  were two now  are whole, oh in Alexandria the sea-god, Poseidon’s arised from hole. Who lived near the isle of the Pharaohs? This blew (BLUE) a divine whisper over the town. Depending on his mood ring, he sent various kinds or sorts of weather up or down. Wish for balm of spring. merely returned to disappear and to see, murmured smooth  time divine, two words mesmerised jewel by the sea. Lift tender honey suckle from the vine, fill air with essences in centre of town ingenius, preserved against time commences, pay tribute to genius. Envision paradise, reach through water of the glimmering sea, low, rocky harbour wise, built great library that had the entire world's knowledge be. Sacred flames, as you dance, call upon sacred glance, call upon second sight trance, and give  all wanton want with  light enhance. Blessed flame is shining bright lee. Give me now brightly second right; power of three, let them see, let them observe without fright. Maiden, bring me joyful dream to be free, Mother, bring peace serene, wisest crone, watch over me. Until the light of dawn, see as mean and let  awake safe and sound, each day to this Earth bound. Oh Mother Earth,  thank you so abound, for the food and beverage  bestow to resound, forprotection and girth and everything done for us from birth. We offer you thanks, love and mirth, as we eat our bounty, Mother Earth. Blessed am I for I am God's Jesus Christ child. Blessed am I for I have been created In God’s likeness both tame and wild. Help when someone is ill waited and needs health, so pleaded, when finances are bad and money is needed, when someone is having  problems so had or other problems - restore or regain through dreams and feelings what's been lost. More so than the ritual remain, it is the mention that makes it work host. Have you ever thought about the sensuality and like? The course of time will have revenge on those may committed atrocities to hike. Black, white, red and grey harkens the rune to say. Four points of the circle weave the spell today: East, South, North, West tall to tell sweet and sour. East is for the red for the break of the day, South is for white for the noontide hour, In the West is twilight grey and I thinking of insight anew. Have lit black for the place of pray. Candle is for few. If you were sad or down tidals and bays send  consolation thought or yellow for sunnier days. If your life is in a state of chaos brought, choose serenity and peace prom. Black absorbs all colours and negativity in every season, directed back to the nothingness where it came from. Black also stands for knowledge as for some reason it absorbs all and the mind that absorbs all it perceives becomes wise. Something amazing: air sweeter and more kind; runes or symbols focus intent that moves specif rise. Focus energy on bringing money and abundance. Clean and realign vibration in home bring, if have so many ideas, feel overwhelmed iridesence, result is tending to do nothing. Happiness and abundance, consume all worry and insecurity that keep from pursuing dreams’ incandescene. Does not take genius to see that purity in soft sensation of sleep gleefully and purposefully move; treat general, benevolent keep, compassionate, smooth, soothe at first intermittent, lasting few minutes, gradually becomes constant calm, patience, often limits - it all goes away – eventually instant! For a moment ceased completely remedies, natural cures, suggestions and inevitably reassurance obsoletely that this would all pass in time congestions. As order in life restore everything will harken in two until don't know what to do more. Come right see too more and abundant blessings free and abounding a thousand score. Shower God's blessings joyfully and what was broken will be unbroken afore three'd ones may free in return appealed. Wounded will be healed; with what secret will no longer be concealed. The truth will be realised by fair token sealed. In the name of God almighty seeings who commands all sacred and secular beings, Gods, goddesses, angelic & sentient beings, there are humans, animals, raised and lowly creatures meanings. Hallelujah, Amen. May God's will be done. One, two, three so may it be now and then. Three, two, one this will be done. Praise to God must follow as a matter of necessity. Remain friend so will not feel blue. You are true and so is God eternally in every hue. Loyal the way any good friend should be mend, you are perfect, friend; thus friendship devoid of lies will never end; candlelight beacon to bring friendship and sensual contend to men, another person to be friends commitingly pray to God to cast blessings to anyone in need thereof; bring love and money; protect surround with love, complete serenity synergy. Acknowledge grief and give forgiveness. Release negative energy, include positive energy. Let passion burn only for forgiveness in giveness. I wish I may, I wish I might, by letter, have the wish I wish this nightly tether for the change (for the better) of whosoever or whatsoever. This night ask and by the flame, ask the last seven brightest stars in the sky, light the flame hold high your name, by nightfall stars and dusk, oh sky. By sunrise clouds and dust soon, by full waning & waxing moon, by sunset after and afore the noon, may all be well in its boon. God's grace is almighty. Amen. Whosoever gains unfairly most until will lose, but when? Far more than gained is less lost. Say name in wind to blow to starred bow, reflected in horizon to bask intrepidness in shimmering moonbeam on a rainbow array of endless raindrops hymn. I'm wishing you blessing of solid gold under shimmering moonbeams on a rainbow array of untold; may the spirit of the Great Father seem endless raindrops to fulfil your dreams too; bless you and help you in restoring your home and you, He is watching and will help you and may you be safe from harm. Blessed do. Be honest with God what happened. Open symbolic lock to the golden doorway, ask elements to guide you thus sharpened, earth and fire is to water and air here and away. Ask elements to protect you stagnant and ridden. Image Hosted At MyspaceGensBeam of light clear. Bubbles expand and set hidden until fully completed relaxed and satisfied there and here. Blow out candles in circle mature; presence leaves to go towards light. Glass returns to nature. Dear Lord, please restore peace and grant good like flight. All our lives we search for future that we can't find. Life is not always what it is made out to be; rather be an honest loser than a deceitful winner’s mind. The ironical beauty in disillusionment is contrary that one is not only sadder, but wiser son. Being condescending does not make one become a better person pending. You do not have to buy my friendship - you already have my reluctant affection not to lose; some you win, some you lose in hardship- rarely this is who you choose; Rather, to repeat, be an honest loser than a deceitful winner. This is so pedestrian. I am feeling cynical, arbitrate; not in tune with symphonic spinner,  attuned with revenge and yet will not obliterate. Pedantic disillusioned Quean neutral-neural compare algorithm rhythm and thesis synthesis; permissible miss crossover ware, salutation solution offers irrational irritation analysis. Love, light, hope with light, peace and happiness get in the rhythm, candle lit, of the algorithm - be thankful for dark & fleece, for many wonderful things in life albeit. Sensation mention, no delusion, but illusion in profusion: IT HAS BEEN CONCLUDED THAT THIS IS THE CONCLUSION. Candle bright wishes you a sprightly eve after a weary night.

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Optimally improved health benefits of nudity and sensuality, in correlation with restrictions imposed by morality

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Imagens Para Orkut

Cells on the surface of the skin can derive nourishment directly through membranes. With clothing surface area is minimised rather than greater. Oxygen and hydrogen intake from the air and absorbing vitamin D from the sun increases optimally in a nude state while adequate intake of water assists the digestive tract. There is no need to be ashamed of your body and no reason why you should not show it off. If you are comfortable about being nude you should not worry unduly about what others think. You can be proud of who you are in every sense of the word. You can feel good about who you are and about the body you live in without having to hide it. Nudity much like many other things is a normal state of being. Many activities performed nude could not be performed clothed. People who take offence to others being nude do not have to feel compelled to look at those who are nude if they are not as aware of the advantages also ignoring that pride is mistaken profanity. Sand and bacteria collect in bathing suits also dust and mites can collect in clothing. You are beautiful from the inside, never mind what you look like on the outside, just feel free as your friends love you just as you are.

You don't have to waste time choosing what to wear if you choose to be naked, just a smile will do nicely. Imagens Para Orkut

Benefits include: Cleans sweat glands. Promotes absorption of vitamin D from the sun that help bone formation and regulates calcium. Increases ventilation. Enhances circulation. Increases peace, body awareness, strength & flexibility. Increased physical health is achieved by increased mental health in experiencing freedom of expression and movement. Hormones that induce general well being are stimulated. Less illnesses result from stress-free sensuality. Reduced stress and increased self esteem result from feeling better physically. Massaging in the nude promotes oxygenisation. Muscles are more adequately developed and strain on internal organs are reduced with no unnecessary constrictions, thus stimulating blood flow to internal organs and clearing of the intestines. Proper alignment and comfort is increased. Metabolism and digestion is improved as the waist is not constricted. Massage movement is repaired rather than impaired by less restriction at hipline. Less strain is placed on the back especially in females by underwear round the shoulders and torsoe. An occasional sensual massage provides sensory stimulation and has a revitalising effect indicating advantages. Health can be restored and preserved, strengthening muscles and nerves. With improved circulation respiration is unobstructed, breathing is more free, bones less likely to disease and muscles better developed. Less exposure to air decreases health and strength whereas increased exposure during massaging increases oxygenation by all cells and not just those in arms, legs and face, but those located near major organs lessening strain on lungs and improving vitality, also aiding in skeletal development. Imagens Para Orkut
It is good to be nude while you are having your sensual massage, because: It's more comfortable than restrictive clothing. Adam & Eve were created that way when Paradise was still perfect. People are both conceived and born that way. It's a healthy habit. Nudity makes you feel more free & open than had you been dressed. Saves you the unnecessary hassle of getting dressed & undressed. Others don't have to guess what's under your apparent apparel. You'll feel better about yourself and also about others. There is no need to be ashamed of your beautiful body. No hampering of blood flow improves ventilation & circulation. Awareness of perceiving nudity heightens intimacy. Being at one with nature is a pleasurable experience. Proportioning priorities promotes body acceptance. Discarding clothing is stimulating simulating of natural urges. Opens your mind to discarding responsibility. Alleviates boredom with an excitingly enticing perspective. Increases self esteem by dropping inhibitions. Promotes positive body image and emotional well being. Overcome fear of nudity and thus of rejection in acceptance. Enhance sublime sensuality & sensous sexuality in six senses implemented in sensual massage. Being nude while enjoying your massage does not denote b’ing embarrassed, it means b’ing proud of the unique individual you really are. God has made different people with different personality types with beauty being an individual preference. It seems that each individual can have a different biological make up and individual unique body. Secrets of the individual's character are found on face. Labels such as unique does not have to be synonymous with weird, but rather with novel. Fate has either dealt an amusing trick or a unique opportunity to imagine, if you will, what society would be like consisting only of sensual individuals who need not feel guilty as everyone has their own unique circumstances and you have to do as you feel comfortable and ethical. People should forget this whole perverted hypocritical society and get back to nature. Your own nudity does not also have to make you insecure in a different way. While, you may be pretty good at individual style sports, sensuality can be just as lucrative a form of recreation. But it is also to do with culture of a particular society, because of the norms and precendents set for different things. If God wanted us all to be the same, He would not have made us so different. A deal should be granted for people who would normally be reviled by society, isn't it? This free society should include freedom of what you say and do, too. Many individuals feel embarrassed to change around each other, so you should be proud of thinking original and being uniquely individual. Unique history is not only reflected in a conformation to society, but different divergent thinkers. But you may actually find value in having mates who are different from you in some ways. Being a pioneer in sensuality does not mean having to insist on conformity. The question as to how a person that is regarded as sinfully sensual can find love is also debatable as some may take advantage of such natural display by necessarily comparing sensuality with sexuality by comparison and association. Go nude when you have your sensual massage, I don't know what else you could do that would give you more satisfaction or make you feel more free. People that enjoy nude massage can come from all walks of life enjoying a privileged position in society amongst like minded people. Sensual massaging is a unique, tasty experience which usually consists of feeling at ease undressed. At first you may feel embarrassed that another person might see you naked; then if you are open about having a sensual massage you'll feel excited and liberated. Nudity does not have to imply vulgarity by massage playing with sweet tits and pelvic region of different size and shape, but enjoy watching the beauty of the nude body as you would also enjoy your masseuse gazing on you freely exhibiting your nudity. Engage in enjoying your nudity and feeling free to gaze between the legs or let your eyes wander over the beautiful breasts of your masseuse or the lovely curvature of a woman's vaginal lips and the formidable appearance of a man's penis without as much as having to avert your eyes knowing that you are among others who truly enjoy the beauty of the nude body. Ever come across anyone that's a hypocrite? Or someone that's judgmental? Or someone that wishes the wrath of God upon you? What makes people's lives so uninteresting that they would go out of their way to make lives unpleasant for other people by poking their noses into the next person's business? I have come across such people that feel so small about themselves that the only way they can appear great is by belittling the next person. Was Adam and Eve not created naked? Was it not for the serpent man would not have become aware of being naked, thus initially being clothed with fig leaves and thereafter taking wool off sheep in an effort to warm themselves or even removing the hide from animals to adorn themselves with costly leather jackets or worse still hunting down animals in an effort to create elegant fur coats. Can you see the correlation? Man is inherently selfish and disregarding of other species be they of human or animal origin.

Sensuality is not sinful, but moral justification of wrongs is, rather this is a God-given gift. Imagens Para Orkut

In Piers Plowman, Wisdom explains to Anima, Sensuality, . . . is clepyd the flesshly felyng. The fyue outward wittys to hym be seruyng; Whan thei be not rulyd ordynatly, The sensualite than, without lesyng, Is made the ymage of synne then of his foly. Imagens Para Orkut

Erotic massage

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Sensual breast massage

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