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Nothing comes quite as close to fulfilling what you want, stipulating consensual, exotic and ease of frantic massage. Sinfuly sensual is more than just any service that is offered to broad minded women and open minded men by appointment only, should you wish to treat yourself for an hour or two, within the Point, Durban vicinity although ideally I could come to a place of your preference, who are not just looking, but actually need an outlet to relax their sensual sensitivity in a confidential,undisclosed manner with the minimal boundaries as you feel more comfortable enjoying the soft touch of a woman and am at your avail 24/7.

To make further enquiry or should you be interested in booking a session with me, please don't hesitate to e-mail me or feel free to call me on 0794037351 or alternatively +27794037351 internationally, should you be planning a visit to South Africa in the near future.

Are you feeling worn out?
A sensual massage will restore the essential satisfaction that you deserve,

as you feel calm after treating yourself with super smooth hands running seductively over the length of your limbs with lush, wonderful rescue of your tired and weary feet to crown, helping to refresh you as I massage you, applying generous pressure that will yield superb results. Some need a little attention. You deserve attention lavished all over you, with brightening benefits, locking in moisture and improving surface cell appearance, leaving you feeling refreshed and awakened. Turn an otherwise mundane hour into a luxurious treat that will transform your well being. Allow me to lavish your body with intense treatment and ravish you thoroughly with superb results as I work oil or lotion into you and pat you in a calming and soothing manner. Treat yourself to excellent care, as a massage from me is the complete solution to effectively revitalize you, improving your health, enhancing cell capacity and thus improving your efficiency, hydrating tissue and eliminating stress. I am committed to you enjoying yourself and the full benefits of special massage treatment in a friendly, accommodating manner with no rush and no fuss. Experience a totally sublime way of easing your burdens and reducing fatigue that will be beneficial to you in every way imaginable. This may be habit forming, but don't wait, feel great!

  The sultry session is conducted by a mature, experienced European female masseuse with in depth knowledge of human psychology and anatomy so that you can be assured of an experienced, adult approach as I not only guarantee you physical relaxation, but intellectual sanctification, as all your energy chakras are realigned. With schiatzu finger pressure your pressure points are attended to where needed most and you achieve a state of total rejuvenation& feeling enchanted with dreamy pleasure.
Who is responsible?
Perceive your purification

Please call me for rates.


  and ssǝɹʇs ɟo ɟlǝsɹnoʎ ǝǝɹɟ with ideal soothing, leaving your skin feeling invigorated, your muscles revitalized and yourself more in balance and harmony, with  natural massage remedy. Ideal for replenishing and firming yourself and reaffirming your relation, hydrating your tissue with improved circulation, thus promoting your general complexion! Feel refreshed as I give you special attention with subtle massage, perfect when you wish for a soft touch and are feeling tired. You will soon feel revived as I massage you all over, calming you and relaxing your body and your mind to perfection with  gentle, healing massage, reducing tension as you realize the need for natural therapy, to cure you of any ailments you may have and enhance your zest for life as you enjoy the benefits of being pampered while replenishing your libido.

Ideal for the ultimate in stimulation.
So don't settle for anything less than the very best.

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